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Winners - Underwater Videography Contests

October 2015 Video Contest Winner And Review




Winner: Tony Reed

Winning Video:

As always some very good films entered this month which were varied in their subject matter as well as style. All though were well shot with good exposure and colour balance as well as being sharp and well framed. Music choices were all fine. It would be good to see someone in future competitions trying a bit of narration.

So here are October’s entries and my thoughts on them:

‘Gammarus Life’ by Kiril Ivanov

Really nice to see some good macro videoing. Interesting animals too. All well framed with good clear and sharp images. Good colour balance and exposure. What more can I say. Oh yes… Very suitable music with a few interesting sound effects. Great film.

‘Diving Lundy Island’ by Tony Reed

Good camera work Tony with very nice scene setting in the beginning. I liked the mysterious opening shots of the seal followed by that lovely Lobster. So nice to see it walking towards the camera rather than running away. All followed by good diver and more seal shots which made the video nice and pacey. Only one shot that spoiled the film and that was the shrimp in the crevasse. It was too far away and hence too small. Do try more small stuff but it is important to make sure the camera is rock steady and the subject is big in frame. Good music and nice ending.

‘Diving in Barbados with Sandals Barbados’ by Steven Baker

Great opening and things just got better. Lovely vibrant and well lit colours with a good steady pace of animals and camera moves. I know why you put in the shot of the speared Lion fish but as you were not able to explain it in any way I think it should have been left out. Perhaps that’s another film.  What a fabulous Ray.  Be wary of the length of your videos as just towards the end it was getting a bit repetitive and so could have been a little shorter. As I often say ‘less is more’. Great film though.

Hard again to choose a winner but this time I think I am having to go with Tony’s ‘Diving Lundy Island’ video. So a second win for you Tony – congratulations.

Jeff Goodman is the Editor-at-Large for with responsibility for conservation and underwater videography. Jeff is an award-winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker who lives in Cornwall, UK. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

Winners - Underwater Videography Contests

April 2022 Video Contest Winner and Review




Winner: Muck Diving in Roatán Honduras by Fish Nerd Films

Winning Video:

Another month flies by. All passing too quickly. Lovely films again this month and special thanks to Maria for her many entries. Just shows what you can do with a GoPro and a snorkel.

However this months winner is Muck Diving in Roatán Honduras by Fish Nerd Films who has put together a wonderful array of close-up and macro shots which in themselves are not easy to do. They require not only good camera and lighting techniques but also unlimited patience and determination.

Muck Diving in Roatán Honduras by Fish Nerd Films

Great written intro, thanks. Muck diving is a really good thing to do as it concentrates the mind as well as honing camera and lighting skills. You have some lovely shots in the film and the easy going gentle music is perfect for the mood. Like the end quote from E.O.Wilson.

The biggest turtle in the Red Sea by Maria Bereozka

Thanks for the written intro. Makes a big difference to the enjoyment of the film. Such a lovely shot of the turtle. So relaxing to watch. Was the total lack of sound intentional. If not then there seemed to be a technical issue. If the ‘no sound’ was designed then I have to say that it was unusual and simply perfect. It gave the whole shot a wonderful surreal feel.

In pursuit of the sea devil by Maria Bereozka

I love your written introductions. Once again a great video from you and a most excellent music choice. Again I will say that I do enjoy your long continous shots which develop as the video goes on. It’s a real treat watching such a magnificant animal without interuption.

Spotted eagle ray underwater by Maria Bereozka

I think Ive’ said it all in your previous videos. Wonderful. I liked the addition of the slow motion in this one for which a the music fitted perfectly.

The May competition is now open for entries. You can enter up to three videos by clicking here.

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Winners - Underwater Videography Contests

March 2022 Video Contest Winner and Review




Winner: Ad Aqua by Lionel Pawlowski

Winning Video:

Spring is here in the UK and diving will get easier in the next few months. YES!  Lovely films entered this month. Not so many, but all of excellent quality. The one that stood out for me this time was Ad  Aqua by Lionel Pawlowski.

Good diving and filming to all. Jeff.

Diving with angels by Maria Bereozka

They are indeed beautiful fish and good to see so many together. It was a really nice glimpse at their world in a moment of time. Well done for getting close with good camera work and lighting. If it’s any help, you can always try re-framing or zooming in up to 40%  closer during the edit without loosing quality. Good music choice.

The Mystery dance of Love by Maria Bereozka

Hi Maria. Thanks for the nicely written intro.  Stunning video. Fabulous music choice and nicely edited. You do so well to keep shots running where as many people would stop and start again and it’s so good that you are not afraid of keeping in the distant shots. The ray coming up from the sea bed and into camera was perfect.

Ad Aqua by Lionel Pawlowski

Love the sentiment behind the film. Such a lot of work put into this. You created some wonderful images accompanied by superb narration. Your videography is very good indeed with good framing, sharp pictures and perfect lighting.

Cold Comfort by David Gwyer

Not the usual sort of film that gets entered but this was really nice to see. Brave people. Lovely opening shots and very good narration. Liked the interviews continuing as voice over. Very professional film. Perfect music and mixture of aerial and in water shots. I did like the characters you chose to talk. Great story and well edited.

How I meet my first Manta by Maria Bereozka

I love your passion for the marine world. It shines bright in your films and the animals you are with seem to sense this. Stunning images and great music. Makes me sit back, watch and relax with a smile. I often say in my comments to entries that film makers should have a think about narrating their sequences, but in your case the images say it all.

The April competition is now open for entries. You can enter up to three videos by clicking here.

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