New rules for reopened Brother Islands


Following the recent closure of the Brother Islands to divers and safari boats – read more here – Egypt’s Chamber of Diving and Watersports has announced that the Red Sea Governor has decreed that the Brothers’ are open again for diving activities.

The CDWS issued a statement on 15th March 2019, stating that all dive operations must abide by the new rules within the Red Sea Governor’s decree, as summarised below:

1. It is not allowed to stay overnight in the Brother Islands. The implementation of diving activities will be only from 6AM till 4PM after which all boats should leave.
2. The daily maximum capacity of boats on the Brother Islands is 18: 12 boats for Big Brother and 6 for Little Brother and only during the timing mentioned in item no. 1.
3. For Safari boats to apply for sailing permit to visit the Brother Islands, first they have to get a coordination record with CDWS through the following link to be able to present it to the coastguard office of the Red Sea Governorate.
4. It is totally forbidden to dump any organic waste in the area of the Brother Islands. It should be dumped in open water by a sufficient distance of at least 5 nautical miles.

The CDWS goes on to say that any dive operators not abiding by the new rules above will be subject to penalities.

The rules above will mean probable changes to itineraries including the Brother Islands as they are situated some distance offshore which makes travel to and fro time and cost prohibitive. If you are booked on a Red Sea liveaboard itinerary which is planning to visit the Brother Islands, please confirm details with your Tour Operator.

We will bring you more on this story when it becomes available. You can follow @CDWSEGYPT on Facebook.
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