NAUI Worldwide Releases 2016 DEMA Show Schedule of Events



NAUI Worldwide has released the schedule of events, seminars, programs and speaker presentations to be held during the 2016 DEMA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

During the seminars and programs, attendees can take advantage of NAUI training techniques, including basic principles of the philosophy behind NAUI Technical Diving, NAUI First Aid programs “powered by DAN,” NAUI Public Safety Diver skills and knowledge, new NAUI products and training materials, NAUI Freediving programs, FIT and leadership ratings and the NAUI Business Institute. In addition, members will get a chance to meet the NAUI Board of Directors for an open Q&A.

NAUI plans to maximize its brand awareness, while attracting more qualified prospects during the show. Visit NAUI at Booth 4095 to learn about new product branding and promotional items that accompany NAUI’s new marketing endeavors for 2017, along with a full line of digital collateral, including instructor guides, manuals, NAUI Sources magazine and other materials.

According to NAUI Executive Director Dallas Edmiston, “The management team, including headquarters staff and the Board of Directors for both NAUI Worldwide and NAUI Services Group, Inc., are working closely with a shared vision and strategic plan for NAUI’s future growth and development.”

Be sure to sign up for the NAUI Technical Instructor Crossover Workshop, the NAUI Business Institute, the NAUI/DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW), and the NAUI CD/IT Requalification Workshop. DEMA attendees can also take advantage of NAUI’s pre-DEMA discount t-shirt sale.

Click here for the entire program overview.


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