Metalsub announce new range of technical lubricants for diving equipment


Metalsub are pleased to announce their new range of lubricants: silicone grease for equipment maintenance, and a white grease for pure oxygen applications.

Silicone Grease

Keep rubber, plastic and metal thoroughly lubricated with this 100% pure food-grade (but don’t eat it) silicone grease.

Rubber, metal and plastic parts can wear out and dry up when you’re not paying attention. So be sure to protect and condition your O-rings, valve systems and regulator components on all your dive gear with Silicone Grease. You’ll find lots of uses for this handy, long-lasting silicone lubricant that’s specially formulated to permeate rubber surfaces. Try it on underwater cameras, waterproof dive lights, pressure systems, pipe fittings—anything you want to protect against moisture and degradation.

Give your O-rings and other rubber, plastic and metal parts the attention they deserve. Use Silicone Grease by M Essentials to prevent cracking and drying—for a better seal and longer life.


  • 100% pure, food-grade silicone grease
  • Lubricates and conditions rubber products, O-rings, regulator and valve components and more
  • Ideal for lubricating moving metal parts
  • Permeates the surface of materials for thorough lubrication
  • Preserves rubber, plastic and metal
  • Reduces damage caused by sticking or exposure to the elements
  • Superior oxidation resistance and water repellency
  • Remains pliable even after extended use
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic formula.

Oxygen Compatible Grease

Metalsub Grease can be used as a vacuum grease in mid-range vacuum applications where exposure to pure oxygen, harsh chemicals, or corrosive gases is probable. It is a superior lubricant for wet or dry conditions in a wide range of applications, including o-rings, gaskets, bearings, stop cocks, etc. This off-white homogenous grease formulation provides unique lubricating solutions; its properties remain unaltered over wide temperature ranges – from cryogenic through thermally stable to +450ºF. It is non-flammable, non-migrating, non-toxic, odorless and waterproof as well as anti-corrosive, anti-galling, anti-seize, dielectric and lubricating. Use OC Nine Grease for all types of equipment including: medical, welding, waste-water processing, water treatment, cryogenics, offshore rigging, deep diving, vacuum, chlorine systems, oxygen systems, and nitrous oxide systems.

Cost effective for liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, cryogenic and vacuum applications to prevent and reduce component and equipment failures, maintenance or downtime.

Krytox GPL205

Krytox GPL205 grease are high-performance perfluorinated lubricant used for a variety of applications. Used where temperatures commonly exceed 250°F or fall below 0°F. Certified non-flammable and the material of choice for use in direct contact with oxygen, nitrous oxide, concentrated ammonia, and many other chemicals.

For more information visit the Metalsub website by clicking here.

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