Marty Snyderman Joins Team Atlantis


Atlantis Dive Resorts is pleased to announce that Marty Snyderman has joined Team Atlantis as Photo Ambassador.

Marty Snyderman is an Emmy Award winner and the Marine Life editor and Underwater Photography columnist for Dive Training magazine. Marty will be at Atlantis Puerto Galera and Atlantis Dumaguete resorts several times a year where he will be available to share his experience and knowledge with their guests.

During his stays, Marty will give several presentations a week on various aspects of underwater photography, ranging from camera system fundamentals and keeping your photographic system in good working order, to photographing reef creatures and minimizing backscatter. He will also be available for individual classes on a limited basis.

Marty will next be at Atlantis Puerto Galera from September 1- 21, 2017. Marty will then be at Atlantis Dumaguete in April 2018 assisting Bonnie Pelnar, an American underwater photography instructor and seminar leader.  Bonnie’s photography courses are widely popular and known for the fun way she shares her insights while teaching. The dates of Bonnie’s course are April 4 – 14, 2018. For information about this course, please contact Bonnie at

Marty, along with his partner Rick Voight publishes a monthly online magazine called Featured-Creatures that is produced for elementary school-age children and the adults in their lives. Each monthly edition highlights various marine animals and behaviors and includes a video clip from world renowned IMAX® filmmakers Howard and Michele Hall, in addition to Marty’s still photographs and writing.

For more information please visit the Atlantis Resorts website or email:


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