Mares announce Ultraskin range


Ultraskin – A new line of undersuits. Ultra-warm and ultra-comfortable.

The ultraskin is made from a new, three-layer material, which combines a fleece layer against the skin for for the best thermal protection, a breathable and windproof internal membrane and an external nylon layer. The Nylon provides greater durability and improved elasticity.

The characteristics of this innovative material make is easier to don, allowing greater freedom of movement and increasing resistance to wear. Ultraskin undersuits are the ideal choice for use with wetsuits or drysuits and for all watersports activities.

Ultraskin is a full line of suits, with models for every need, featuring different cuts, fit and colours for both males and females. The range includes:

  • Steamer: a classic one-piece with elastic loops at the wrists and ankles to designed to be helpful when using as an undersuit.
  • Long Sleeve: a long sleeve shorty without a hood. Drawstring at the waist for a better fit and elastic loops on the wrists to help when using as an undersuit.
  • Short Sleeve: a short sleeve shorty with drawstring at the waist.
  • Sleeveless with hood: a sleeveless shorty with with integrated hood and drawstring waist.
  • Sleeveless without hood: a sleeveless shorty with no hood and no drawstring waist.
  • Shorts: male and female shorts, with different colours, cuts and fit, that complement the whole line. All with drawstring waist.

For more information please visit the Mares website by clicking here.

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