Mares adapt full face mask to help COVID19 patients


The Mares team have worked hard over the last few weeks to convert their Sea Vu Dry+ masks into CPAP ventilators

They say “We are very proud of every one of our colleagues, and our close friends in other companies, who were involved in the development of these 3D printed pieces to convert Mares Sea Vu Dry+ masks in to CPAP ventilators! Special thanks to Nuovamacut who organized printing free of charge as well as Isinnova who sparked the idea. It was tough under these severe quarantine conditions but we did it.”

The first pieces were delivered to the hospital in Parma, Italy, yesterday by their Head of R&D Dr. Sergio Angelini while Mirco Costa, their Head of Production, delivered masks to La Spezia today.

The 3D printing details are available from the Mares team. Please visit their website by clicking here.

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