Magic Oceans Dive Resort’s pier is ready!


Scubaverse’s Nick and Caroline are currently in the Phillipines checking out Magic Oceans Dive Resort, Magic Island Dive Resort and Atmosphere Resort. At Magic Oceans, they will be amongst the first guests to try out the new 40m long pier, the result of months of preparation and building in Anda, Bohol, Philippines.

From now on, guests don’t have to struggle through the water to get on the boats. Avoiding sea stars and other creatures on the bottom of the house reef is history. The 40m long pier ensures that guests can get on board without any struggles or wet feet.

Resort Manager Eef said:

We did a lot of calculations about the length and the height of the pier to be sure it’s resistant to all kind of circumstances: low tide, high tide and strong wind. Eventually we came up with the perfect dimensions and the length of the pier ended up at 40 meters. We worked long and hard to get this done, but we made it! The final touches, like gangways and lights, are now completed too.

Wheelchair friendly

With the addition of the new pier, Magic Oceans is now wheelchair friendlier too. Guests who use a wheelchair can now easily take themselves to the end of the pier where the crew will be ready to lift them aboard. Also, the chair can now be easily put on the boat too!

One of the garden bungalows has already been renovated to be wheelchair friendly. There are support brackets in the bathroom and a ramp for easy access from the pathway to the balcony. From arrival to diving, Magic Oceans now ensures that wheelchair using guests will have a more comfortable experience.

Marine life

It is not only the guests that are enjoying the new pier. There are already some new residents being spotted around the pier: ghost pipe fish, leaf pipe fish and clownfish. The expectation is that more special creatures will be found around the poles of the new pier soon. An amazing start and finish to a dive or snorkel session. We look forward to hearing all about Nick and Caroline’s first hand experiences soon!

For more information about Magic Resorts, visit their website by clicking here.

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