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14 Reviews on “MV-Valhalla”

14 reviews
  • Megan

    Fun and knowledgeable skipper with a fantastic friendly crew who can’t do enough for you. Great food and lots of it, as well as personalised hot drinks after ever dive. Comfortable twin cabins with lovely hot showers. The spacious dive deck and dive lift makes diving a doddle. Having experienced both Orkney and Shetland with the team, they will always be my liveaboard of choice.

  • Mako

    Friendly atmosphere, Experienced crew, great food,

  • Eddie

    I dived with MV Valhalla on my first ever trip to Scapa in September 2023. The service was exceptional, as were the facilities; comfy bunk rooms, excellent food, and the dive deck was roomy. All of the crew were professional and very helpful, and the dive briefs were great!

    Loved it so much I have booked a further 2 trips in 2024!!

    1. Pete Petrie

      If you’re looking for an exceptional dive trip with a professional crew who simply cannot do enough to help you look no further!
      Extremely comfortable bunks, ensuite shower, lashings of hot water, spacious dive deck, covered changing area, loads of storage and plenty of space for kit if you’re a photographer.
      Been on several trips with the team and cannot recommend them highly enough. The cakes are outstanding!!

  • Andy Langler

    Quite simply this is one of the best liveaboards I have ever been on. The attention to detail for diver safety, enjoyment and comfort are second to none. The diving, both in Scapa and the Shetlands is excellent (not been to Norway yet) and Hazel’s dive briefings are incredibly detailed which means you get so much more from each dive. The accommodation on the boat is very good and the food amazing – pack a larger dry suit..! All in all highly recommended

  • Steve Slater

    Been on this boat multiple times in Scapa, Shetland & Norway. Hazel, Helen and the crew run a tight ship! Not only is the boat comfortable with excellent food (and plenty of it) but significant thought and effort has gone into diver safety. OC & CCR friendly, the boat & crew combination is well setup and prepared for some serious expedition diving.

  • Nate

    Remember diving is a sport, your supposed to loose weight. Not on this boat, amazing diving, the best crew you could ask for (guaranteed to be your new best friends) and they don’t stop feeding you!!! Use extra weight towards the end of the week, irresistible food floats.
    Ticks every box possible

  • Maria

    I have dived with Hazel and the crew a few times. It is hard to find a better crew and boat. I put crew first because the skipper and crew are the ones who makes the trip an amazing experience. They run a strict place, all for our safety. And as a diver that is one thing I value a lot a boat who are not afraid of changing plans to keep us safe. Find an alternate but still enjoyable dive site. They have the experience, they have the food and they have a great boat. I am booked with them for 2025 trip. Yes that’s right. It will be amazing.

  • Julian Syson

    Without a doubt the only way to enjoy Scapa Flow and its amazing wrecks, not to mention Shetland and far flung parts of Orkney. A well equipped boat with safety first comfortable and cosy apres dive. Always a great crew on board a fabulous skipper who puts the boat right where you want it when getting out of the water. Beware the food is excellent, diet before you go, you’ve e been warned.

  • Michael Smith

    A great combination of superb well equipped vessel, precise skippering, great food, warm welcome and crew that know what you want before you have thought of it. If you haven’t done Norway yet – do it! Amazing. I’m going back.

  • Glenn Day

    MV Valhalla is the complete package. If you’re seeking expedition style diving at some of the best cold water dive sites in the world, then look no further. The briefings are excellent, the accommodation is cosy. The food is Amazing. I’m booked to make my third trip. Scapa was off the scale, Shetland has amazing visibility, Norway beckons. Valhalla- I highly recommend.

  • Garry Dallas

    I’ve dived from both vessels in the past, the crew on the Valhalla have got the logistics nailed for you. Sometime you might just overindulge yourself on the dinners though haha. Booked again for Scapa and Shetlands this year! Can’t wait.

  • Claire Simpson

    Absolutely superb crew and well laid out boat. Plenty of space to relax.
    Hazel is an experienced skipper with a wealth of knowledge. Helen is a superb cook who will make sure you don’t go hungry.
    I love diving from Valhalla and have lifelong friends as well after several trips.

  • Ran

    Extremely professional crew. Their knowledge of the local sites is unparalleled, bringing the history of each wreck truly to life. The boat is comfortable, stable and perfect for diving. The food is incredible and the staff is always looking out for you.

  • Ashton

    The crew on Valhalla are amazing. The skipper Hazel is quick and efficient getting divers in and out of the water, and is extremely knowledgeable about the local wrecks and wildlife. Delicious home cooking prepared by Helen. On the dive deck Brandon is always ready with a helping hand.

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14 Reviews

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