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Jose: An blue o two intern’s impressions



Project Shark: Maldives

Hi everybody! My name is Jose, I’m Spanish and I am one of the new participants of blue o two’s work experience programme.

It has been 4 weeks of doing safaris so far, and this is my week off. I have been asked to write something on the blue o two blog… at the beginning I thought about writing a poem hehehe… but I finally decided to write some tips and impressions of the program for all of you that are coming after me, or are considering to apply, as I think this will be the most useful thing I can write about… I still remember when I read Luke’s comments and how curious I was to read what he had seen and done.

Please remember that this is just my personal opinion and of course other people don’t have to agree with this…

This program is intended to show you how a liveaboard company works thoroughly. You are going to learn first-hand:

  • How to handle pre-safari logistics
  • What daily liveaboard work is like
  • How a weekly liveaboard itinerary works
  • The work behind the scenes and what is done in the office
  • Many of the most important dive sites in the Red Sea

This program is intended for people that really want to learn how this business works…and it is real!!! This is a unique opportunity for someone that wants to learn and wants to work on this in the future, specifically in the Red Sea but not exclusively. I don’t think there are too many programs like this one. If you are not interested in taking this as a career option for the future please think it twice…there are too many divemasters and instructors out there looking for a real opportunity, and it wouldn’t be fair for them or all the people here at blueotwo that will support you and share their knowledge with you.

– It is physically demanding. Especially in winter and when you have done several liveaboards one after the other. You will wake up very early so try to get a good sleep at night, and if you can…squeeze a little siesta between dive and dive when you have done your tasks…but don’t forget to wake up for the next dive briefing…

– Social skills are as important as diving skills. You will have to interact with customers, Egyptian seamen and other dive guides….so far on this 4 weeks I am meeting around 20 guests minimum, the crew, and a couple of dive guides…which is more than 30 new people every week!!

– Bring yourself a notebook to write things down, don’t forget your logbook with space for maps and writing useful information about the sites.

– You are here to learn. Nobody expects you to run a liveaboard upon your arrival. Work hard, help around and everybody will be happy with you and will appreciate it. Dive guides and crew spend long weeks in the boats. Helping them as much as you can will make their job easier, appreciate you and you will build yourself a reputation.

– Be aware of the value of the interns!!! My friend…let me tell you that YOU are a very valuable asset to have in the boat. You can help so much to the dive guides and the rest of the crew…

– Maybe you will find someone with which your personal charms will not work. Don’t worry, be positive, work hard and be professional. Nothing lasts forever, especially in weekly liveaboards.

– Get the most out of this experience!!! Everybody has a lot to teach you. The dive guides, the crew, your colleagues in land, and even the guests….you will learn a lot about diving, but they also have a lot to teach you about other stuff…think how lucky you are about this!!!

– Ask questions!!!

– Be prepared to learn some basic Arabic lingo. Some of the crew members speak little English.

– You will be challenged. Under the water and out of it! Don’t be afraid to try new things!

– Don’t limit yourself to the weekly objectives blue o two will assign you. Learn as much as possible of everything every week.

– For those who will be doing safaris in winter, I suggest you to bring some warm socks, some jeans or training trousers, and a proper wetsuit for being in 20ºC water…it is not so much the cold but the wind…I would suggest you bring a scarf too…. A lot of people think this is gay: I think it is metrosexual :D. It is comfy and it will help you not catch a cold in the middle of the week.

– Perhaps the most important thing… ENJOY!!!!!!!!! Everybody is coming on vacations and you are part of it!

– Be yourself! Everybody is different, some people are very good at some things, but at the end it all balances out…exploit your good qualities, and try to improve the ones you are not so good at.

– Focus on this moment in time and the place where you are. Don’t think too much about what will happen in the future. There is so much to think about today, this week and the following weeks!!!!

And finally and not last…be prepared for some world class diving!!!! Close encounters with huge morays, dolphins, mantas, sharks, turtles, dancing with dolphins, beautiful coral reefs, shipwrecks full of mystery and so much more is awaiting for you…sometimes I come out of the water and I don’t want to talk to anybody…I’m just trying to live again what I have just seen in my head, so that I will never forget.

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