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Calypso Gozo Apnea, based on the beautiful island of Gozo, Malta offers a special holiday experience that will have a positive impact even back home

Antje Lewerenz from Calypso Gozo Apnea is offering two, week-long holiday retreats focusing on yoga and freediving with the theme ‘switch off on the outside to switch on on the inside.’ Instead of concentrating on going deeper and staying longer in the blue, the aim is to become more aware of everything you feel, think and sense, above and underwater. Playfulness, joy, fun and presence are there to be discovered on the yoga mat, as well as in the water at beautiful freediving spots around the island. Especially suitable for beginners, this is a ‘soft’ approach to freediving without the pressure to achieve particular goals. Depth and time virtually evolve as a side effect.

Yoga every morning aims to deepen the awareness and prepares the body in an optimal way for the freediving sessions that follow during the day. Daily breathing exercises, techniques for equalisation, talks about freediving physiology, diet, Yoga and optional meditations complement the programme. The participants are encouraged to continue with the exercises back home, so everybody gets instruments at hand to keep practicing once the retreat is over and to create new habits.

The accommodation is located in a secluded old farmhouse that has been restored and converted into a luxurious guesthouse with a private pool, cozy rooms with ensuite bathrooms and lots of space to truly retreat for some quiet time. Calypso Gozo Apnea also caters for delicious vegetarian dishes and healthy lunch snacks.

These yoga retreats are hosted by Antje Lewerenz, SSI Level 2 Freediving Instructor, yoga teacher and AquaFlow therapist, together with Matt Constantin, SSI Level 2 Freediving Instructor.

To participate in the programme, you will need to have first completed an introduction to freediving session or a basic freediving course (e.g. AIDA* or SSI Basic Freediver). Any higher levels are welcome too.

The following dates are available:

  • 15 – 22 September 2018
  • 29 September – 6 October 2018

More info and booking request:

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