Introducing Titan: The world’s first diving drone equipped with a robotic arm


Titan – the deepest underwater drone in the world.


Diving up to 150m (492ft), Titan can go further than any other drone to date and easily capture stunning underwater images and videos with its 4K 30fps camera. Built with smart gamepad control system and adaptable extension port, you can explore the ocean with endless possibilities.

Product Details

With Titan diving drone, everyone is authorized to get closer to the deeper ocean world.

  •  UHD 4K camera with 160°wide-angle lens recovers the vivid ocean scenes.
  • World’s first robotic arm permits you to touch the ocean physically.
  • The exclusive hydrophone let you hear the sound from the deep sea.
  • Up to 492ft depth and 4 hours running, conquer the epipelagic zone.
  • Precise hovering and depth/direction lock for the spectacular underwater film.

For more information visit the website by clicking here.

Team Scubaverse

Team Scubaverse

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