Humpback Whale Eye To Eye


An 40ft humpbackwhale seemsed to be stuck in a crab trap. When a 12ft boat stops a 100 meter to check on the whale, it turns out that whale is not stuck and now the whale checks out the boat!! This is extremely rare behaviour and should not be taken as an encouragement to approach whales. As per the recommendations from DFO in a zone of 400 meter from a whale boaters should slow down and keep a sharp lookout. If the whale turn up at 100 meters or less go to neutral and or cut your engine!

[youtube id=”jAk7SAbSSc4″ width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Peter Mieras

Peter Mieras

Peter Mieras and his wife Kathy own and run Rendezvous Dive Adventures, a small diving resort in the heart of Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, Canada. Peter has dived all over the world and is an accomplished underwater filmmaker. Along with Rendezvous Dive Adventures and his film work, Peter keeps busy with various research and conservation projects. For more information on Peter visit

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