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In celebration of PADI Women’s Dive Day on July 20th, here at Camel Dive Club & Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, we thought that we would use the opportunity to answer some of the common questions that our female instructors and reservations team receive from our female guests.

With more and more women getting in to scuba, there are certain factors that just aren’t an issue for our male counterparts and are not covered in many training agency curriculums. (Disclaimer: this article is for entertainment purposes only.)

So here we go with our answers to the questions:

  1. I have recently had a breast augmentation (boob job), can I still scuba dive or will they burst?

This was a bit of a tricky one to answer as (as far as I know) none of our current female instructors had this procedure so I didn’t have a willing staff member to try it out on. However, the common consensus is that, yes you can dive and no they won’t burst! Just make sure that you are fully healed and that you have a medical practitioners clearance to dive and off you go. Just don’t forget that you may need to purchase a new wetsuit.

  1. How many pairs of shoes do I need to take with me on my diving holiday?

This depends very much, as to whether you will be enjoying a Liveaboard or a shore based diving holiday. One of the great thing about Liveaboard diving is that you get to take your shoes off once and not put them on until the end of your trip. The girls at Camel would recommend only take the shoes that you need to arrive and depart in.

A land based diving holiday will be a little different, even though usually you do not wear shoes on the boats, the recommendation for this is to take one pair to match at least every different outfit and not to forget the super high stilettos for your final night.

  1. Can I dive during my period or will I attract sharks?

Girl, do you not remember all those feminine hygiene product advertisements? You can do anything whilst you have your period from roller blading, sitting on sofas with friends in white trousers, sky diving and scuba diving.

Unfortunately, having your period whilst scuba diving will not attract sharks. If it did, it would make female dive guides exceptionally popular with regard to guiding dives at certain times of the month.

  1. How much extra weight do I need to add to the basic weighting guidelines if I have big boobs?

1 kg per breast! If only it were that simple. The recommendation is to follow the basic weighting guidelines and set up your weights accordingly. Then once in the water complete a weight check like you would whenever you change your equipment, environment or if you haven’t been diving in a while.

  1. How many bikinis/swimsuits do I need for a day diving?

If you are completing three dives (which you better had as the third dive is when the big stuff shows up), then you will need at least two depending on the air temperature.

The logic for this is that you wear your first bikini for your first dive, then change into a dry one for the surface interval and second dive leaving the one that you wore on your first dive to dry. By the time you have completed your second dive, your first bikini should be dry for you to change into. Then you simply repeat the process. Jokes aside, this is a top tip from our female guides as you don’t want to be sitting around in a wet bikini all day as it can lead to all kinds of interesting problems down there as it is the perfect environment for bacteria. The plus side is now you have an excuse to bring as many cute bikinis as possible on your dive trip.

  1. What is the best hairstyle for scuba diving?

If you have been lucky enough to dive with us at Camel, you will notice that our female dive guides sport a variety of different hairstyles. One of the most popular is the French braid if you are able to complete this challenging feat. Failing that, you can’t really go wrong with a low bun so that it will not interfere with your mask strap, it will even help to hold it in place. Top tip from the girls at Camel: don’t forget to use a slap strap to avoid being hair free by the end of your dive trip.

  1. Am I allowed to dive without my significant other?

Definitely, in fact it is even encouraged and that way you will have more to talk about when you do spend some time together. I would even go as far as to say why not book a complete dive trip alone – that will give you conversation topics with your partner for a very long time, perhaps even a year.

It is a scientific fact that solo travelling, scuba diving females are the coolest people at on the planet. Places like Camel Dive Club & Hotel are an ideal choice for a Solo Traveler as our integrated facilities embody all aspects of a dive holiday combined in a club (or “Tribe”) atmosphere, meaning that as a Solo Traveler it is easy to meet likeminded people.

I hope that you found the above information a little useful and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the fabulous female divers out there, a very happy bubbling PADI Women’s Dive Day.

Check out the video here:

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Beth Sanders

Beth Sanders

Beth "my lovelies" Sanders achieved her PADI Open Water in her native Wales and became completely addicted to the underwater world. Her fixation has cost her jobs, boyfriends and a whole load of other 'respectable' things so finally she had to make the diving pay! Becoming a Scuba Instructor was the only option... Beth was very lucky to combine this with her love of warm weather and has lived in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt since 2007. After joining the team at Anthias Divers as General Manager, Beth can usually be found chatting with guests and even occasionally underwater!

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