Greek press trip heralded a great success


A group of journalists representing the major European scuba diving media has returned from a successful press trip to Kefalonia, Greece. This third press event, which took place from 25th to 30th October, was hosted by Greek scuba diving portal and was supported by the Greek National Tourism Organization and the Ionian Islands District, along with two dive centers from Kefalonia, Pirate Divers Club and Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club.

The group of journalists and underwater photographers travelled from the UK, Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia to experience diving in the Ionian Islands and to learn more about the Greek diving market.

“It was a great honor to host distinguished journalists, specialized in scuba diving from major European markets. We had the opportunity to show them that we provide a premium product in a safe environment, with countless alternatives beyond diving. I am very satisfied of the first feedback, especially when it comes from experienced and well traveled professionals of the diving industry. We will stay focused on our target, promoting the local diving market with continuous and coordinated efforts”, said Mr. Avgerinos Vrazopoulos, founder of

The team behind believe that Greece has the potential to become a unique scuba diving destination, offering unforgettable experiences in a well-formed tourism infrastructure with a long tradition of hospitality. Also, Greece has the longest coastline in Europe and the 11th longest in the world, with 3,000 islands (240 inhabited), 240 dive centers offering more than 2,000 dive sites, 150 known and accessible shipwrecks, plus countless caves. All this in clear waters with an underwater visibility exceeding 30 meters and a warm water temperature of 14° – 30° all year round. Greece is located three hours flight away from most European cities and offers security and stability, as well as the euro currency.

For further information visit – a Greek portal dedicated to scuba diving, made by divers for divers, which aims is to promote and evolve diving tourism in Greece.

Check out our forthcoming stories over the coming days from Scubaverse Underwater Photography Editors and Writers Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown who were honoured to take part in this trip.

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