Get a free 1st stage with Scubapro’s Christmas promotion


1_scubapro2013_twocolours_pantone3005CScubapro has the ideal gift for divers who want to make their dive partner or even themselves very happy this Christmas.

When a complete 1st & 2nd stage plus octopus combination is purchased, the customer will receive a second 1st stage absolutely free. This is a very attractive offer, especially for cold water divers who often require a second system.

The promotion is valid for the S600 and G260 2nd stages combined with either the MK25 EVO or MK17 1st stage:

  • MK17-DINMK25 EVO/G260/R195 Octo > a second MK25 EVO free
  • MK17/G260/R195 Octo > a second MK17 free
  • MK25 EVO/S600/R195 Octo > a second MK25 EVO free
  • MK17/S600/R195 Octo > a second MK17 free

The Christmas promotion is valid until the 31st December 2015. This offer is available at participating Scubapro dealers.

The Christmas promotion applies only to the standard version of the G260 and not for the G260 tactical/Black Tech. The S600 offer applies only to the regular S600 and not the Black Tech or Deep Blue or Titanium versions.

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