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Four whale sharks found dead in Indian Waters; poaching ruled out



Animal rights activists in India have fished out four dead whale sharks found floating off the Una and Kodinar shores in the last three days. Two of these were found on Friday while two others were recovered earlier in the week. As all the organs of the dead animals were found intact, activists believe that they were not killed by human poachers.

Dinesh Goswami, an activist for whale shark conservation, said that on Friday, they recovered two decomposed carcasses which appeared to be that of adult whale sharks. “We were informed by the local people about them and we rushed to the spot with a forest department team,” Goswami said.

He further said that only after the carcasses were washed ashore near Madvad in Kodinar taluka was it possible to see that they were decomposing. “The liver is the most important body part of whale sharks for which they are poached. In these cases, however, the livers were intact and there were no cut marks on the carcasses,” said Goswami.

He added that on the Wednesday before they had found a dead whale shark off Sayajrajpara in Una taluka, and then on Thursday, they had found a similar decomposed body of a whale shark betweenSarakhadi and Chara village in Kodinar.

Goswami said he suspected that a pollutant in the sea caused the death of the Whale Sharks. He theorised that perhaps an oil spillage from a tanker passing through that part of the sea may have polluted the water. He also added that he believed the death of the whale sharks needs to be investigated.

Post-Mortems on the animals found no external injury marks; cause of death is yet to be determined.




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free octopus

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Indo siren destroyed by fire



Indo Siren

Indo Siren, a vessel from the Master Liveaboards Fleet, has been destroyed by a fire this morning. Thankfully, all guests and crew members are safe.

Master Liveaboards have released the following statement:

During our current cruise in Raja Ampat, on the morning of 30th November, a fire broke
out on Indo Siren. At the current time we are still assessing the events around the incident,
and will be working with authorities, so cannot currently comment further.

All guests and staff departed the boat, without further incident. They are now with our
ground crew who have organised accommodations while we assist with all their other
needs going forwards.

We are currently evaluating the issues created by the fire on upcoming trips. Guests who
are likely to be affected by enforced cancellations or changes will be contacted in due time
when plans are finalised.

We are incredibly grateful that this incident was not more serious and that everyone who
was onboard, both crew and guests, are safe and well.

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