Equipment Review: Sharkskin Women’s Chillproof Range (Watch Video)


In the second of two videos, Black Manta Photography review the latest Sharkskin products…

Whether you are looking to update your rash vest or needing an extra layer of warmth underneath your wetsuit or drysuit, Sharkskin seem to have developed an option to suit any diver. What’s great about their latest range of Chillproof products is the design created for Women, balancing great fit and comfort with the technical capability they are known for.

Each of the items in the range benefit from Sharkskin’s 3-layer technology, designed to provide you with unparalleled warmth. The first layer is made from a quick drying fleece that is soft and comfortable against your skin and soaks up moisture, the middle layer is your technical layer and has been developed to protect against wind chill as well as moderating body temperature, keeping you warm in and out of the water. The top layer is made from a water repellent material and will provide the wearer with an SPF sun protection of 30 or up to 50 for the Climate Control top.

In addition to these three layers, all of the clothing is antimicrobial, making it odour and itch resistant as well as being machine washable. As it is not made from Neoprene, the material is neutrally buoyant meaning there is no need to add extra weight, yet still delivers a thermal protection similar to that of a 2.5 – 3mm wetsuit.

Starting with the SHARKSKIN CHILLPROOF LONG SLEEVE TOP & SHARKSKIN CHILLPROOF LONG PANTS. These two can be worn together or apart, making a great alternative to a 3mm wetsuit or an additional layer underneath. Easy to get on and off, these are super comfortable and keep you really warm. The best feature is how quickly the fleece material dries, meaning you don’t end up putting on soggy clothing in between dives!

If you are looking for something even more robust that would work better as a standalone rash vest, then the SHARKSKIN CHILLPROOF CLIMATE CONTROL LONG SLEEVE TOP  is a great consideration. With an SPF of 50 and a zip to the front, this distinctive top is popular with freedivers as well as divers due to it’s versatility. The added reflective layer will keep you cool in the sun, perfect for those hot moments out of the water. Whilst it has been designed for surface use, it can also be worn underneath a wetsuit or drysuit, but the other items in the range may be more comfortable in this case as they don’t have the zip to the front.

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Hayley Eaude

Hayley Eaude

Hayley is a passionate scuba diver, travel blogger, and underwater photographer, travelling the world with her partner Richard to complete the team at Black Manta Photography. A qualified TEC50 and sidemount diver, she's dived everywhere from Truk Lagoon to deepest Indonesia and loves nothing more than exploring new and exciting places, documenting her experiences with her camera above and below the water. As divers, Hayley feels we are privy to a secret beauty and by capturing it, hopefully, we can encourage more people to protect and cherish it.

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