Down Shifting in Sharm el Sheikh


With 2019 now thoroughly upon us, perhaps you are planning to re-evaluate your options and make a fresh start. Perhaps you want to get out of the rat race and down shift to become a dive professional somewhere like Sharm el Sheikh?

But is it all that it is cracked up to be?

Being based here at Camel Dive Club & Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, I am surrounded by individuals that decided to take the giant stride and become a dive instructor, to live their dream of daily diving and being paid for it!

One such individual is Julia from Russia who currently works as an Instructor with us at Camel Dive Club & Hotel.

Julia was a manager of a bookstore in St Petersburg, Russia and an avid diver. Consistently using her holidays to try to escape on as many dive trips as she possibly could. As a side-line, Julia was also studying foreign languages including English and French. Julia went on to complete her PADI Divemaster course and inspired by her Instructor, decided to take the leap to a full time dive instructor abroad. Her instructor told her that she would easily find a job in Asia, as at that time (2011) there were many Russian-speaking travellers to that area. Sure enough, Julia advertised herself on the PADI employment board and within a matter of hours had secured her dream job in the sunshine.

Over the many years that Julia has been diving around the world with her dive career (including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the Emirates, the Maldives, Qatar and Egypt), she told me she, “doesn’t regret one minute!”

Julia’s favourite memory of becoming a professional diver is of diving with two whalesharks in one day in the Maldives where the local guides advised her that it was an extremely unusual occurrence.

Is it all diving with Sharks and sunbathing on the boat, as most of our families and friends believe?

In a word no!

It can be a sometimes physically tiring and gruelling job, when it comes to tank lifting and the like. As well as having to be constantly happy, even if you have had an argument with your boyfriend the night before.

However, even the tough bits have a plus side. The tank lifting keeps you fit and trim. In addition, sometimes, when you have to put a smile on, it even makes you feel happy. Honestly, I don’t really find any negative aspects of following your diving dream.

When I asked Julia if she had any advice for anyone thinking of forsaking his or her business suit for a wetsuit, she replied, “DO IT!”

For more information about Camel Dive Club visit their website by clicking here.

Beth Sanders

Beth Sanders

Beth "my lovelies" Sanders achieved her PADI Open Water in her native Wales and became completely addicted to the underwater world. Her fixation has cost her jobs, boyfriends and a whole load of other 'respectable' things so finally she had to make the diving pay! Becoming a Scuba Instructor was the only option... Beth was very lucky to combine this with her love of warm weather and has lived in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt since 2007. After joining the team at Anthias Divers as General Manager, Beth can usually be found chatting with guests and even occasionally underwater!

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