Divers in Oman Become Reef Guardians


Ten Omani divers have taken a pledge to save the coral reefs in Musandam. Starting next month, every fortnight the team will dive into the waters and assess the condition of the coral reefs in Musandam as part of their efforts to preserve them.

The team led by Badar al Shehi, includes Abdulaziz al Shehi, Ibrahim al Shehi, Mohamed al Shehi, Ismail al Shehi, Juma al Shehi, Abdul Latif al Shehi, Said Kumzari, Ali al Shehi and Bader al Shehi.

They will monitor the condition of the reefs and report their findings to marine biologists.

The biologists, based on their findings, will submit reports to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs. “I have been doing deep sea diving with the marine biologists for quite some time now. I explained to my friends who are divers that they must take initiatives to protect marine life. I told them to make a commitment towards nature and sea,” said Badar, who even helps marine biologists prepare reports for the ministry.

“We used to dive into the sea for fun. Badar told us that we could help save marine life. To be honest, I had no idea about the ways that can help them survive.

“He took me inside the water and explained the merits of saving marine life. Now, all our team members are convinced and want to take the mission forward,” said Mohamed al Shehi.

Coral reefs provide shelter to a wide variety of marine life and are good tourist attractions as well.

“My friends also see it as a lucrative option. They sometimes take tourists interested in deep sea diving to see the reefs. But I have warned them as too many tours could harm the reefs. They contribute so much to the marine environment and it is time that we should do something for it too,” added Badar.

Source: www.muscatdaily.com

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