Dive Ninjas expand their Striped Marlin Expeditions in Bahia Magdalena for 2020 (Watch Video)


Two of the leading names in conservation and exploration of Mexico’s Baja California Sur peninsula, are teaming up again for 2020 to create an even more incredible series of Striped Marlin citizen science expeditions in Bahia Magdalena, Mexico this autumn for the Baja California Sardine Run.

Freediving with Striped Marlin in Bahia Magdalena with Dive Ninja Expeditions and Nakawe Project.

Bahia Magdalena aerial shot. Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions.

The 2019 season was jaw dropping to say the least. As if swimming with dozens of striped marlin and sea lions chasing bait-balls wasn’t enough, last year they encountered fin whales, pods of orcas, sailfish, and even mako sharks! The surreal encounters, and abundance of life experienced in this area, has inspired Dive Ninja Expeditions and Nakawe Project to look for more ways to help protect this remarkable area for the 2020 season. 

Watch this video for a teaser of what’s in store:

To start, they have recently announced that Dr. Rogelio Gonzalez Armas, will join this year’s ‘Nakawe Ninja’ expedition team. With over 30 years of hands-on research with the striped marlin of the Eastern Pacific, he will oversee the research end of the project as well as help redevelop the citizen science aspects of the expeditions, in hopes that they will discover where and when the marlin are spawning!  

Freediving with striped marlin, baitballs, and sealions with Dive Ninja Expeditions in Bahia Magdalena, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Photo by Jay Clue.

Second, the opportunity to swim alongside one of the fastest fish in the ocean will be more intimate than ever for 2020.  The team has decided to cut the tours down to only four guests on each of the nine expeditions this year. Along with two expert guides, one representing Nakawe Project and the other representing Dive Ninja Expeditions – creating a 2:1 ratio of guests to expert guides creating a more intimate experience both above and under the water. The 2020 Striped Marlin expedition program will offer presentations on the striped marlin & conservation, interactive data collecting, and of course front row seats to one of nature’s greatest shows. 

Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions

This upcoming season also sees the addition of new 6 day expeditions for those guests looking for a some extra in water time with these remarkable creatures. The expeditions depart from Cabo San Lucas to the small fishing village of San Carlos. From the picturesque accommodation overlooking Magdalena Bay, you can see every color of red, yellow, and pink reflected off of the glassy water from your balcony during the sunsets. 

Bahia Magdalena aerial shot. Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions.

Join researchers, photographers, and passionate ocean conservationists to experience an adrenalin-pumping adventure in one of the world’s last wild frontiers, while simultaneously contributing to the protection and preservation of it. 50% of all profits from this expedition will be donated directly to Nakawe Project’s #SavetheMarlins Campaign. 

Photo by Jay Clue, Dive Ninja Expeditions.

Tickets are available now. To learn more about the Nakawe Ninjas Striped Marlin citizen science expeditions visit diveninjaexpeditions.com 

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