Dive Ninja Expeditions opens first PADI Freediving Center in Los Cabos


Dive Ninja Expeditions have announced the opening of the first PADI Freediving Center in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This new PADI Freediving Center is the first in the entire Baja California peninsula, and offers a full menu of PADI & SSI freediving courses in Cabo San Lucas, as well as specialized workshops and tours.

Dive Ninjas has spent the last few years extensively exploring the Baja peninsula creating unique dive expeditions – such as their Striped Marlin Sardine Run and Mobula Ray Expeditions. During their time in Baja they began to notice that many regions offered a wealth of unique freediving experiences. Its unique geographic location places Cabo right at the meeting point of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez – with each body of water running up the two coasts of the narrow peninsula.

The waters around the Baja peninsula play host to an incredible array of both migratory and resident species which creates numerous great opportunities for freediving with everything from mako sharks to sea lions, whale sharks, oceanic mantas, devil rays, marlin and so much more.

Los Cabos offers a diverse range of freediving sites from rocky coral reefs, full of life to deep, blue water areas, perfect for depth training. The new freediving training center at Dive Ninjas allows guests to be able to learn to freedive in Cabo San Lucas, or brush up on skills, before heading out with Team Ninja to explore these great encounters.

The team worked with Amancay Freediving, one of Mexico’s top freediving schools, to build their unique program. But the new ninja freediving center isn’t only focused on courses. To take it a step further they’ve developed specialized freediving tours such as a day trip that takes you to reconnect with nature while freediving at a natural freshwater oasis fed by a small waterfall in the desert mountains. Following the Dive Ninja mantra of being a true ecotourism operator they have also developed various citizen science & conservation based tours, expeditions, and workshops for freedivers. Their newest program takes guests to freedive with wild dolphins and aims to help raise awareness on the issues of dolphin captivity and exploitation.

For more information about freediving in Cabo San Lucas with Dive Ninja Expeditions and their PADI Freediver & SSI Freediving courses please visit their website at www.DiveNinjaExpeditions.com or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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