Bristol Blue Freediving Competition 2019


The weekend of 23rd and 24th November saw the 6th Bristol Blue Freediving Competition and the 2nd as a team format. Teams of three freedivers made their way to Henbury Leisure Centre in Bristol to take part in Static, Dynamic No Fins, BiFins and Monofin disciplines with the winners being the team with the highest combined score for all three athletes.

12 teams and 36 athletes took part, 10 of whom were newbies to the competition scene. There were some fantastic performances – 69 official starts, 17 personal bests and 1 new DNF National Record for a Brazilian athlete.

The competition was very close at the halfway point. With each athlete having completed their first performance there was just 9 points separating the top five teams, equivalent to 15 secs per athlete in STA or 6m in dynamic disciplines. The final results were just as close with 7 points separating the top three teams!

The best newbie award was even closer with the top two males being separated by just a single point, and the top two females separated by 0.6pts!!

Congratulations to the winning team Shark Fin Troup (Charlie Bradford CG KB, Jake Costello and Anita Jasso) In 2nd place was Silly Willies and the Pussy Power (Alex Barton, Adam Drzazga and Danica Maynerd) and in 3rd Kiss My Apnea (Lorena Prieto Cacabelos, Valeria Olives Babler and Lucelle Simms).

Interestingly the top three teams were the only three with full white card count, all of the other teams either had illness or Red Card events showing how important white card mentality can be in these competitions.

And a huge well done to the Best Newbies: Charlie Bradford & Danica Maynerd.

The event was sponsored by MARES – just add water and who generously gave some fantastic prizes for the winning teams and athletes.

Well done to all who took part and all who helped make it happen behind and in front of and behind the scenes! We are so grateful to our community of freedivers, your efforts and enthusiasm all help keep this wonderful sport growing.

Thanks to Neil Wood for the images.

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Steve Millard

Steve Millard

Steve Millard is a leading UK based AIDA and PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer who is the owner of Apneists UK freediving group - Currently Press officer to the British Freediving Association and Performance mermaids lead coach.

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