Book Review: Unlisted Cargo by Fred Lockwood


Unlisted Cargo is the fourth book in the Jack Collier series by Fred Lockwood.  Our protagonists Jack and Sandro of Marine Salvage & Investigation Company are approached by Mya Christie, an archeological researcher with a personal interest in lost treasures of Myanmar, to locate “The Sacred Three”.  This modern-day treasure hunt sees our adventurers head out into the tropical Andaman Sea.

With the challenge accepted, will our heroes be able to locate the wreck and complete the salvage operation before other interested parties intervene?  Who will succeed in securing the artifacts and at what cost?  And why the sudden interest of the British government?

In Unlisted Cargo, Fred Lockwood again delivers a fast paced adventure page turner with numerous close calls for our intrepid divers and their crew.  Aside from the seemingly obligatory shark attack sequence, the twists and turns throughout the book are gripping and the technicalities of the diving involved are described in both accurate and realistic detail.  The author’s love of scuba diving definitely comes through on the page.

We are very much enjoying having a diving based adventure/thriller series to read and are eagerly awaiting the next book in the Jack Collier series from Fred Lockwood later this year!

  • Title: Unlisted Cargo
  • Author: Fred Lockwood
  • ISBN: 9781087266763

Available in a paperback version and for Kindle from Amazon and book stores. For more information about Fred Lockwood visit his website by clicking here.

CJ and Mike

CJ and Mike

CJ and Mike are dive instructors who have travelled all over the world pursuing their passion for the underwater world. CJ is a PADI MI and DSAT Trimix instructor with a degree in Conservation biology and ecology, who has been diving for 15 years. She loves looking for critters and pointing them out for Mike to photograph. Mike is a PADI MSDT who got back into diving in 2010. He enjoys practicing underwater photography and exploring new and exciting dive locales, occasionally with more than one tank. Follow more of their diving adventures at

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