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The world’s first commercial aquatic and space research, development and training centre, Blue Abyss, has announced a perfect “brand fit” partnership with innovative diver training company RAID.

RAID will help to build a team of up to 35 divers to support the UK-based astronaut and space tourism training, commercial diving and human performance research centre in the facility’s 50m deep indoor pool.

Working alongside mission control supervisors, the divers will ensure a safe and controlled environment for all pool-based activities.

Among RAID’s instructors is world-leading freedive Instructor Trainer and Blue Abyss Consultant Emma Farrell. Blue Abyss is also supported by extreme diver and underwater explorer TV presenter Andy Torbet.

John Vickers, Blue Abyss Chief Executive, said RAID shared Blue Abyss’ ethos and approach, which made it a perfect brand fit for the multi-million pound facility.

“RAID is taking diver training to the next millennium. It is the ideal training vehicle for diving instruction at Blue Abyss and will complement the specialist space agency, military and medical training that our divers will also undergo.”

Diver recruitment

The Blue Abyss intensively-trained team will support astronaut training, experiences and other activities, including education outreach and STEM-related projects, in the facility and externally. These activities will be capable of simulating the challenges of the extreme environments of outer space and underwater – so that users can experience the sensation of weightlessness and some of the effects of space travel through various simulations.

James Rogers, Managing Director of RAID UK and Malta, said recruitment would start soon for the “multi-faceted, highly skilled” instructors to embark on rigorous training programmes across all diving disciplines RAID offers.

“This is a 35-strong full-time team for an exciting and unique facility. These will be divers with highly-specialised training. They will have to be ready from day one to be able to support all disciplines in the pool. These jobs will be highly sought after.

“Key individuals in the team will have to have the capabilities to be able to support all of the disciplines – freediving instructors and instructor trainers working at the facility, both open circuit and rebreather instructors and instructor trainers and commercial and astronaut trained divers.”

Presenting at the Great Northern Dive Show

James Rogers will talk about the partnership with Blue Abyss on the main stage at the Great Northern Dive Show this coming weekend 8th and 9th April).

RAID is a growing global business, based in the UK with 16 regional offices across the world, and shares the ethos and vision of John Vickers and the Blue Abyss team.

RAID is the first diver training agency to offer a complete range of online diver academic programmes “in the comfort of their own learning environment” from Try Dive to Instructor Trainer.

“Our difference is that we spend longer in the water. We encourage taking time to really understand buoyancy, the most important part of diving, for people to be the best diver they can be.”

“Blue Abyss offers a unique career opportunity for divers of all levels and previous training codes, which is rare in the diving market. Such diving diversity in one special location is very unusual – this team will offer the different options of scuba, technical, commercial, freediving and astronaut training, and be involved with the management and diving business elements of the facility as well.”

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