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Diving the Wrecks of Mauritius (Watch Video)

Over 480 ships have been wrecked off the coast of Mauritius over the last 400 years. Most of them have disintegrated or disappeared. You will…

Mark Milburn’s Cornish Wreck Ramblings, Part 9: ‘Thar be gold!

There are always stories of lost gold, ships or planes carrying gold, lost at sea and never found. Some are just stories, some are not….

The wreck of the Isla Gomera or El Naranjito

Just getting started with wreck diving? Or looking for a new challenge? This is a fantastic and easily accessible wreck dive to build up your…

Aqaba Underwater – an overview

A Most Unusual Dive Site: Bonne Terre Mine


Mark Milburn

Mark Milburn is the owner of Atlantic Scuba in Falmouth, Cornwall, England, and is an SDI/TDI/NAS/RYA Instructor and a Commercial Boat Skipper. Although often referred to as a maritime archaeologist, he prefers to call himself a wreck hunter. Find out…


Gary Green

Gary Green is an author, team leader and PADI AmbassaDIVER. After being medically discharged from the British Army following an IED attack which left him blind in one eye and with PTSD, Gary was introduced to scuba diving through the…


Sean Chinn

Sean Chinn’s scuba diving adventure started in a freezing cold quarry back in January 2011. Maybe the reason he wasn’t instantly hooked! However, after an amazing trip to Indonesia in 2013, he realised he needed to see more of the…

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