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Exhibition: Above, below and beyond by freediving photographic artist Janeanne Gilchrist

Janeanne Gilchrist is a photographic artist and image-maker. She was born and brought up in Edinburgh and graduated from Napier University in 1996 with a…

Diving with… Pim Vermeulen, Dahab, Egypt

In this new ongoing series, we speak with the people who run dive centres, resorts and liveaboards from around the world about their businesses and the…

Keep up to date with all the action at the Freediving World Championships

The bi-annual AIDA Individual Freediving Depth World Championships are taking place right now for the first time in Roatan, Honduras. The Schedule looks like this:…

Hear from the biggest names in Freediving on new Podcast

iDive Makadi Bay trip to Dolphin House

Steve Millard discovers Makadi Bay house reef

Diving with…. Suzanne Pugh, Freedive Egypt

Spearfishing: For and Against


Steve Millard

Steve Millard is a UK based AIDA Instructor Trainer who is the owner of Apneists UK freediving group. . Currently Chair of the British Freediving Association and the UKs leading competition organiser.

Contributor is one of the premier online destinations for divers. Built around a thriving community for those passionate about the underwater world. Topics covered include Freediving, Scuba Diving and Spearfishing.

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