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How to Build a Diving First Aid Kit

by Dillon Waters Whether you are new to the sport or you’ve been instructing divers for years, a first aid kit is something every diver…

Five things you should know about PFO

By: Douglas Ebersole, MD The relationship between decompression illness (DCI) and patent foramen ovale (PFO) has been popularized in the diving community over the past…

How to Build your Save-A-Dive Kit

By Kate Heller “My fin strap broke.” “My tank o-ring is missing.” My student’s BCD isn’t holding air.”  Whether you’re a new, experienced, or professional…

I’m on my way to get some sun…

The contrast between surface ice and ice diving operations

The Psychology of Scuba Diving

Rebreather Pre-Dive Checks

How long should my no fly time last after my dive?

How to deal with Panic


International Training

From its humble beginning in 1994 to today, the group of training agencies Scuba Diving International (SDI), Technical Diving International (TDI), and Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) form one of the largest diving certification agencies in the World – International…


Chantelle Newman

Chantelle Newman is a diver, instructor, publisher and a Women Divers Hall of Fame honouree in 2016. She is the founder of The Diver Medic – a Medical Training Company – and the AMTECS charity. Find out more at…


Stuart Philpott

Stuart has spent the past 26 years taking pictures and writing stories for diving magazines and other publications. In fact, this equates to more than a year of his life spent underwater. There have been plenty of exciting moments from…

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