BFA announces 2019 National Freediving Champions


Alice Hickson. Photo: Daan Verhoeven

At the end of each year, the British Freediving Association (BFA) recognises their National Freediving Champions.  They are the male and female freediving athletes who have garnered the most competition points throughout the year.  In order to achieve this accolade, it helps to compete in as many of the competitions disciplines as possible.  This is no easy feat but it has the added benefit of making the freediver a stronger and well-rounded athlete.

This year we congratulate Alex Atkins and Alice Hickson on this brilliant achievement – it is the first time either has won the title.  Alice, a freediving instructor, trains with Bristol Freedivers has been freediving since 2014 and Alex, a Level 3 SSI freediver took his first course in March 2017 with Aquacity Freediving, who he trains with still and hopes to do his instructor course in the near future.

Alex Atkins. Photo: Daan Verhoeven.

Check back later this week for a Q&A with the Champs!

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