Become a freediving ‘zero 2 hero’ at DIVE 2013 and win a Red Sea Holiday


Freediving club NoTanx are offering people the opportunity to become freediving ‘zeros 2 heroes’ at DIVE 2013 in the UK later this month.

15 applicants with no previous freediving experience will train in London over the course of a week prior to the show before competing in an International freediving competition at the Birmingham show held live in front of hundreds of spectators.

The winner will be given the opportunity to put their training into practice amongst the amazing coral reefs of The Egyptian Red Sea at Sharks Bay Umi villages, courtesy of UK diving tour operator Oonasdivers.

World Record Coach Marcus Greatwood will assess and train the competitors during Club Pool sessions alongside practising Freedivers (NoTanx have over 100 athletes training weekly in London).

During the show, which takes place at the Birmingham NEC on the 26th & 27th October, the top 6 competitors will be taught Neurological, Breathing and Relaxation techniques by a number of top freedive instructors alongside members of the public.

On the second Day of the show the competitors will compete in an international Freediving Competition.


To find out how you can enter the competition, click here.

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