BARE launches the Ultrawarmth Accessories Collection


BARE’s most complete thermal system of Ultrawarmth Accessories featuring Ultrawarmth Celliant® Technology is now available. Ultrawarmth Accessories delivers ultimate warmth to the head, core, hands and feet and is the only accessories line to feature the scientifically-validated Ultrawarmth Celliant® Technology.


More than 60 percent of the body’s energy is lost to escaping heat, but Ultrawarmth Celliant® Technology in all Ultrawarmth Accessories prevents body heat from escaping. 13 thermo-reactive minerals embedded in the fabric of the material catch heat leaving the body, convert it to thermal energy, and reflect it back to the body, so divers can experience warmer, more comfortable dives.

Ultrawarmth Celliant® Technology has been scientifically-proven and FDA-determined to provide more endurance, faster recovery, enhanced performance, and increase thermal energy as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Celliant® has also been listed as a general wellness product.


Sharp, minimal styling of Ultrawarmth Accessories Boots, Hoods, Gloves and Hooded Vests coordinate with all colorways of BARE wetsuits, and provide a unique, high-end look that’s expected from all BARE products.

Now Available:

  • Ultrawarmth Boots – 7mm and 5mm
  • Ultrawarmth Wet Hoods – 7mm and 5mm
  • Ultrawarmth Dry Hood – 7mm
  • Ultrawarmth Gloves – 5mm and 3mm
  • Ultrawarmth Hooded Vests – 7/3mm and 5/3mm

All Ultrawarmth Accessories are now shipping and available at local retailers. In the UK, please email for more information.

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