Time for another World Record: Achim Schloeffel and his team plan the longest dive in history… while building a house underwater!


On June 29, 2012, Achim Schloeffel became the first human being to dive all the way across the English Channel. The founder and president of the dive training organisation InnerSpace Explorers (ISE) managed the distance between England and France with hardly any (and at times no) visibility, constant noise and completed the crossing within 10 hours, making it a world record. Now he and his team are planning another world record attempt; in 2014 he will go for the longest dive in history by spending at least 100 hours at a depth of at least 20 metres.


He will not spend the time resting or in an aquarium, however – he will be working! The professional diver, who has logged more than 7500 dives, will build a house off the shore of Majorca with his team. The construction will neither be a model, nor a miniature, but a 1:1 residential building including a garage. Achim will even plant a garden.


Between active times, Achim will sleep, eat, explore the area with some friends – just normal things you would do during a working week. The team will be creating a new man-made reef, and hope that with the help of the expected media coverage, will raise awareness of conservation efforts and the dangers that our oceans are currently faced with.


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