May 2017 Video Contest Winner And Review



Winner: Macro Symphony in BOLSEL by ayub mooduto ( yubzukamoto )

Winning Video:

As I have said many times in the past, it is not easy making videos and especially underwater ones. It takes time, patience and some degree of luck. Well done to everyone for producing the work I have seen in this month’s competition.

Let’s take a look at May’s entries:

Diving the Lembeh Straits – Kenneth Lee

Watch Kenneth’s video here.

Good selection of the weird and wonderful. Nature is quite incredible. Thanks for sharing. When you are next shooting, make a concerted effort to hold your camera steady. If you are using a GoPro then look at mounting it onto some sort of tray to help stabilise it.

Pembrokeshire Barrel Jellyfish – Lloyd Jones

Watch Lloyd’s video here.

I think Barrel Jellyfish make excellent subjects to film. You did this really well but do have a look at colour balance and continuity. Good framing and well exposed.

Devil’s Eye Cave – Jørgen Birkhaug

Watch Jørgen’s video here.

Loved the moody opening. Really set the scene and feel of the film and the slow motion worked perfectly with the music. Fantastic quality images too with good lighting.

Drifting – Brett Stanley

Watch Brett’s video here.

Very stylish in every way. Music, camera work, editing and model. Loved the fluidity of the model and the fact she was so comfortable underwater, especially with the ray and shark.

Macro Symphony in BOLSEL – Ayub Mooduto ( yubzukamoto )

Watch Ayub’s video here.

Good concept and some nice images. Do have a go at colour rendition in the edit just to give some continuity to the overall colour balance. Do like your super macro. Very difficult to film. Overall, the video has a lovely feel to it.

Maldives 2016 – Marc Eeckhaut

Watch Marc’s video here.

Well done Marc. You set a good pace to the film. Good camera work and very nice lighting on the wreck. The music worked well. The night turtle was a bonus and made a good change of pace to the film, followed by a wonderful shot of the ray and other night life.

Diving in Protected Natural Areas: Isla Isabel, México’s submarine paradise – Diego Chacón Chávez

Watch Diego’s video here.

Nice film Deigo with good music choice. I would have liked to know a little about the island and the protected area perhaps either as subtitles or narration.

PRINCESS RANI – Ajdin Suhonic

Watch Ajdin’s video here.

Excellent opening with the drone and sunrise. The early morning feel to the following shot of the ray was perfect as it gave the feeling of the whole reef waking up (even if it wasn’t). Nice idea to intercut segments of underwater life with that on the ship. Where the whole film fell apart for me me was after looking at all that wonderful marine life I was was then told about the Tuna meals on board. We cannot truly expect to see rich wildlife in our seas while at the same time eat our way through it. This is of course just my feeling and won’t detract from the excellent technical work in making the overall film.

Raja Ampat – Ajdin Suhonic

Watch Ajdin’s video here.

Good graphics and great drone aerials to start the video. Nice to get a feel of the islands but I felt the intro before getting into the water was just a little too long.  Once we got underwater there was plenty to see which huge shoals of fish. Liked the photos at the end. All well shot and good music.


Watch Ajdin’s video here.

Well done for putting all that material together. You certainly gave the feeling of a wonderful trip and places to dive.

And the Winner is….

This month the winner is Macro Symphony in BOLSEL by Ayub Mooduto ( yubzukamoto ). This was not technically the best entry but there was a wonderful feeling of discovery to it. Congratulations Ayub.

Well done to all of you for some really great videos this month – looking forward to what you come up with in June!’s June 2017 Video Contest is now live! Enter here.

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman

Jeff Goodman is the Conservation editor and also the Underwater Videography Editor for Jeff is an award winning TV wildlife and underwater cameraman and film maker. With over 10,000 dives to his credit he has dived in many different environments around the world.

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