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A huge welcome to the latest blogger to join the Scubaverse Team… Donovan Lewis of Blue Planet Aquarium!

Working as a Shark Diver at Blue Planet Aquarium is amazing and we have a large variety of Shark species, from our 3-foot Bamboo Sharks all the way up to our 12-foot Sand Tigers, and each one is unique and incredible in its own way.

As the Divers at the Aquarium it is our duty to oversee the care, welfare and maintenance of the main exhibit and its inhabitants. This includes everything from feeding and cleaning, to giving the sharks their health checks.

We are also in charge of the weekly Shark dives that we run on weekends, in which we have a range of people from children to adults come and do dives with us. Here we allow qualified and unqualified divers alike to come and dive within a few inches of our amazing sharks.

We believe that these experiences are helping to turn the tide for Shark Conservation, by giving those who would otherwise be unable to see sharks, the chance to get up close and personal without a cage or window. Thus allowing people to see these animals for what they are; amazing and beautiful creatures.

For more information and to learn a little bit about what we do here at Blue Planet Aquarium, watch the video below which explains a little bit about our Sharks and our dives.

For more information please visit the Blue Planet Aquarium website by clicking here.

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Donovan Lewis

Donovan Lewis

Donovan is a Divemaster who currently works as a Shark Diver at Blue Planet Aquarium based in Ellesmere Port. Donovan’s passion lies with Elasmobranch’s (Sharks & Rays) and this passion has led him to work in South Africa with White Sharks for a short period. He also believes that education through exposure is the best way to re-educate people about Sharks. Follow Donovan at

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