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Zybax Scuba and Swim now available



Zybax Scuba and Swim is a new cleaner and conditioner for all neoprene, lycra®, drysuit and general watersports gear. Ideal for use with wetsuits, drysuits, boots, gloves and neoprene, tri-suits, swimwear and more… Zybax leaves garments free of organic residue, sweat, chlorine, urine, salt deposits, along with other odours. This innovative product also prevents premature aging and oxidation.

Zybax Facts: How does it work?

Using the microbiological power of Zybax along with natural surfactants, it ultra quickly and naturally eliminates nasty odours that can ruin expensive gear. Zybax eliminates odours, not just masks them. Biological cleaning products such as Zybax use good bacteria that are able to secrete enzymes to break down bad bacteria and then eradicate it. When first applied to the problem area, Zybax’s friendly bacteria starts a process referred to as ‘biological decomposition’, degrading the soil and transforming it into oxygen. Next, comes the process of ‘competitive exclusion’. The good bacteria attacks and then destroys the bad bacteria leaving the surface clean and odour-free. Each different odour requires a different type of bacteria to combat it so Zybax is tailor-made for individual soils and odours. The Zybax range utilizes four layers of science to attack, neutralise and destroy odours.

  • Zybax’s enzymes cut through any biofilm normally made from residual dirt, left-over surfactants, and bad bacteria.
  • Friendly Zybax bacteria then dominates the area, breaking down waste such as urine and sweat, into harmless by-products such as water and carbon dioxide.
  • Zybax Odourbond™ binds up any bad odour molecules in the air which eliminates their volatility and therefore the odour.
  • Zybax’s carefully selected and blended fragrances then leave the source and the surrounding areas smelling fresh and fit for purpose.


Zybax is available in 250ml Concentrate and is made in Yorkshire, UK.

Zybax Scuba and Swim is distributed in the UK and Ireland by CPS Partnership Ltd. Click here to visit their website, find your nearest stockist or for more information.

Note: Both Zybax Swim and Scuba are the same product, but with a different label for each market.



Northern Diver’s latest additions to add to your diving kit this year …



Northern Diver has kicked off the New Year by launching the new Brava Mask and Snorkel in its range of masks and snorkels. Check out Northern Divers latest additions to add to your diving kit this year…

Brava Mask

The Brava Mask provides an excellent field of vision thanks to anti-fog technology combined with the low volume, ensuring you don’t miss a thing during your time in the water. The soft silicone skirt offers not only the perfect fit but comfortable too. Easy to adjust, you simply push the button buckles to achieve the optimum fit.

Brava Snorkel

Why not treat yourself to a matching snorkel! A great choice for snorkelling and diving, the Brava Snorkel is a semi-dry design, the easy purge system is complete with a large draining chamber. Complete with a silicone mouthpiece that enables you to be comfy for a prolonged amount of time in the water. 

Also introducing… 40L SRE Roll Top Dry bag

The 40L SRE Roll Top Dry bag features a wide top opening allowing easy access to your kit. Constructed from waterproof material to ensure your gear stays dry. This weatherproof duffle is great for around water, sailing, canoeing, kayaking and many other uses.

For more information visit the Northern Diver website here

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Dream Dive Locker Build Out. Part I: Demolition (Watch Video)



It’s finally here! Time to start building the greatest dive locker the world has ever seen! Part I: Demolition! #dreamdivelocker

This is the first of a series of videos showing the evolution of building out my dream dive locker. My dream dive locker needs to be dive gear drying and storage, dry storage, workshop, office, editing suite, You Tube studio and classroom. That’s a lot of functions for a small space!

The first step is planning out the space and demolishing the laminate flooring. Then I taped up the walls to get a feel for the space. We have a lot of work to do!

But finally we will have a purpose built space to house all of our dive equipment! Subscribe to our channel to follow our progress! 

Thanks for watching, Team!


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