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Your Vote Counts! Help Fund an Ocean Action Project



Help a conservation dream come true! Project AWARE’s Ocean Action Project supports individuals working on ocean and marine life protection at a local level.

Show your support for these ocean heroes by visiting the Project AWARE Facebook page,  and voting for your favorite finalist in the Ocean Action project. These grassroots movements are key to protecting our oceans, and these dedicated individuals need your support with your vote. The winner will receive key backing from Project AWARE to give the extra push the project needs to help it succeed in the months ahead.

Your vote makes a difference! Here is a summary of the 10 finalists – vote today and show your support! Full project descriptions are available on the voting page.

1. This Project is Rubbish! South African Shark Conservancy, South Africa
The South African Shark Conservancy will compare the amount and the type of microplastics that enter the environment between beaches which get cleaned daily versus beaches which do not get cleaned.

2. What Goes Around Comes Around – Communicating Marine Debris Science Through Visual Arts, The Plastic Ocean Project, USA
Plastic junk collected from thousands of miles of ocean research has been transformed into a visual arts exhibition which is now travelling across the United States to educate people about ocean pollution.

3. Protecting Africa’s Sawfishes, Marine Megafauna Foundation and Eyes On The Horizon, Mozambique
This project aims to work closely with local fishermen to document where in Mozambique sawfishes still exist and to educate local communities about the importance of protecting sawfishes and their habitats.

4. Ecotourism and Awareness for Manta Ray Conservation, Planeta Oceano, Peru
The need to engage communities in manta conservation is essential, so Planeta Oceano will kick start a manta ecotourism and awareness project in Peru.

5. Developing a Solid Waste Management Network within Koh Rong Archipelago, The Song Saa Foundation, Cambodia
The majority of marine debris originates from land. The Song Saa Foundation will establish a solid waste management center and community education programs for the Koh Rong Archipelago.

6. Protecting Sharks and Rays from Fishing Boats in the Andaman Sea, Blue Guru Conservation, Thailand
Blue Guru will continue their surveys of shark, ray and fishing boat sightings to build key arguments to expand zoning and expand their work to include Koh Phra Thong sites.

7. The Marine Debris Thermometer Wall, Association of Coastal Conservation of Mozambique, Mozambique
This project brings together the entire community to take part in monthly beach and underwater cleanups and build a marine debris thermometer wall to measure progress.

8. Marine Debris Action Teams Create Plastic-Free Sea Turtle Habitat, Costa Rica
Partnering with local and international conservation groups, more than 1 ton of marine debris will be removed from important sea turtle nesting sites in Costa Rica.

9. Thailand eShark Project, Shark Guardian, Thailand
The Thailand eShark project will collect historical data from past diver logs as well as future dives where sharks are sighted or not sighted.

10. The Great Fiji Shark Count, Fiji Dive Operators, Fiji Islands
Information collected by divers aims to demonstrate that living sharks are more valuable than dead ones, and that shark fishing for the fin trade needs to stop before marine life populations crash.

Marine Life & Conservation

Dive with a Purpose: Shark Guardian’s Expedition Galapagos



Shark Guardian has just unveiled their largest and most exciting expedition yet: a seven-night, eight-day adventure in August 2026 aboard the Galaxy Diver II, a state-of-the-art
vessel specifically designed for divers exploring the enchanting waters of the Galapagos
Islands. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage deeply with marine
conservation in one of the world’s most revered diving destinations.

Shark Guardian is a UK registered charity dedicated to protecting sharks and marine
ecosystems worldwide. Founded by marine biologists and conservationists, Brendon
Sing and Liz Ward-Sing, Shark Guardian leads educational programs, research projects,
campaigns and expeditions aimed at fostering a better understanding and respect for
marine life. Their work spans several continents and focuses on direct action,
education, and advocacy.

Shark Guardian’s ethos revolves around the concept of “diving with a purpose.” This
philosophy underscores the importance of not just experiencing the wonders of the
underwater world but actively learning and contributing to its preservation. Participants
in Shark Guardian expeditions engage in citizen science projects, which involve
collecting data that supports ongoing research and conservation efforts. These
activities empower divers to make a tangible difference, turning each dive into an act of

One of the newer additions to the Galapagos diving scene, the Galaxy Diver II, is
specifically tailored for divers. Its design prioritises comfort, safety, and environmental
responsibility. The vessel boasts modern amenities, spacious dive decks, and the latest
navigational technology, ensuring that every dive is not only memorable but also has
minimal environmental impact.

A highlight of this expedition is the opportunity to dive at Wolf and Darwin islands,
renowned for their vibrant, untouched marine ecosystems and as a haven for large
pelagic species. These islands are famous for their schools of hammerhead sharks,
whale sharks, and manta rays, offering spectacular diving that attracts enthusiasts from
around the globe.

Shark Guardian have developed this trip to ensure a hassle-free experience. The
expedition package also includes internal flights from Quito, Ecuador, to the Galapagos,
plus accommodation in Quito before and after the trip. This allows divers to relax and
enjoy the experience without worrying about logistics.

Participants will join a diverse group of passionate divers and conservationists. This trip
offers a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who are eager to
learn about and contribute to marine conservation. It’s a chance to share experiences,
knowledge, and a commitment to protecting the marine world.


Shark Guardian is offering an early bird price available until May 31st 2024. This special
rate provides a fantastic opportunity to secure a spot on this exclusive expedition at a
reduced cost. Availability is limited, so interested divers are encouraged to act quickly
to ensure they don’t miss out. All the details can be found on their WeTravel page, where
bookings can be made easily and payment instalments are available.

Expedition Galapagos, aboard the Galaxy Diver II offers more than just a diving
holiday—it is an investment in both personal and planetary well-being. By participating,
divers not only witness the majesty of one of the world’s premier diving locales but also
contribute to its preservation for future generations.

Find out more about Shark Guardian at

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Marine Life & Conservation

Shark Trust Launches New Podcast



shark trust

The Shark Trust has launched their new podcast. Delve behind the scenes and gain exclusive insights in the world of shark and ray conservation on The Shark Trust Podcast. Out Now!

Join the Shark Trust on this journey as they explore the diverse world of sharks. Hear from experts from different backgrounds and learn how you can become a part of the global effort to protect these vital species.

Whether you’re a seasoned shark expert or just dipping your toes beneath the surface, this podcast offers something for everyone!

shark trust

In the first series you will hear from the Shark Trust team. Shark Trust Patrons, Monty Halls, Miranda Krestovnikoff and Simon Rogerson. Divers with a passion for sharks. And some of the Oceanic 31 artists.

New episodes released every two weeks on all major podcast platforms and watch full video versions on the Shark Trust YouTube Channel. Keep your eyes peeled for the bonus minisodes!

There are two available to dive into right now!

Episode 1: Dive beneath the waves of shark and ray conservation with Mark as he speaks with Paul Cox, CEO of the Shark Trust. Paul and Mark discuss the threats and difficulties that sharks and rays currently face in the modern world. And how the Shark Trust is working to create a better future for them!

Bonus Minisode: Join Mark at Go Diving, the UK’s biggest dive show. He interviews Shark Trust Patron, Simon Rogerson, about his diving experiences and how seeing sharks can transform your life!

For more information about the work of the Shark Trust, visit their website here.

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