WIN an AP Diving Self-sealing Surface Marker Buoy with Easifil Adaptor!!!



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For this week’s competition, we’ve teamed up with our good friends at AP Diving to give away one of their Self-sealing Surface Marker Buoys with an Easifil Adaptor as a prize!

The AP Surface Marker Buoy is very simple to inflate safely using any inflator hose via the Easifil adaptor.

The APSMBCI with Easifil includes:

  • SMBCI – self-sealing SMB (in a choice of colours: all-red, all-yellow, red & yellow, all-black, red & black, yellow & black)
  • AP35P Easifil – medium pressure inflator hose adaptor
  • DIN fitting inflation cylinder post

N.B. The AP35P Easifil can be used with any make of inflator hose, not just AP hoses.

The Easifil has an inflator stem with no locking-groove on it which prevents the hose from becoming attached to the SMB at any point during inflation and so avoids the danger of any sudden increase in buoyancy to the diver.  The hose will be connected only as long as the diver holds it in place.

The SMBCi can also be inflated from a second stage air source via the self-sealing baffle at the bottom.

It can be inflated for the duration of the dive or used as a delayed-action deco buoy. A dump/over-pressure valve prevents over inflation and allows deflation after use

. The SMBCi will remain inflated out of water allowing it to be waved by the diver to attract attention.

An SMB mini-cylinder (0.1 litre) can be purchased separately and fitted at a later date if required.

To be in with a chance of winning this awesome prize, all you have to do is answer the following question:

In a recent post on (which you can read here), we reported that Irish company “RashR” has joined the charge against COVID -19 transmission by pivoting their business to produce eco-friendly, reusable face masks with filters for the general public with a donation of the proceeds per mask going to the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association (ILFA). But how much of the proceeds per mask will go to the ILFA?

Is it:

  • A) €1
  • B) €2
  • C) €3

Answer, A, B or C to the question above:


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