Waterproof wetsuits get starring role in new Transformers movie


If you’re going to see Transformers 5 at the cinema soon, keep your eyes peeled for a few Waterproof W4 wetsuits! Waterproof Diving International AB in Sweden designed and delivered 25 suits for the latest Transformers movie, The Last Knight, produced by Paramount Pictures and directed by Michael Bay.

The cooperation started with an email from the costume department at Paramount Pictures:

“We will be doing extensive underwater work and are looking for the most current, cool and esthetically pleasing wetsuit options out there. Whilst browsing the internet our team came across Waterproof and loved the look of your wetsuits, particularly the W4 Men’s 5mm wetsuit”.

Lisa Lovaas chose the coolest wetsuit for their movie, the W4. Lisa is the costume designer for Transformers 5 and has participated in many large productions such as Avatar, Spiderman 2 and Jack Reacher to name a few.

The team at Waterproof were asked if they had the right capacity and experience to supply the suits for the upcoming movie. Without hesitation, made to measure W4 suits were produced for Josh Duhamel and Santiago Cabrera, two of the actors in the movie. Great feedback came after their first fitting, and director Michael Bay loved the suits. Waterproof eventually delivered 25 suits for the actors and Navy SEALs team in the movie.

Lisa Lovaas added: “I love the way the suits look… Having Waterproof create this especially designed wetsuit for the movie was amazing!”

The Waterproof team were delighted to participate in the film and enjoyed getting to look behind the scenes on a big Hollywood production. Very different from their everyday business, making high quality diving suits for the real world!

Waterproof suits are distributed in the UK and Ireland by CPS Partnership Ltd – visit their website for your nearest stockist or to find out more.

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