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UK based dive tour operator Oonasdivers have announced some Dive Show Offers for Tobago.

The diving in Speyside is probably the best in Tobago; it’s therefore fantastic news that Blue Waters Inn have some new dive boats arriving in April. Giant strides from these hard boats will be so much easier than the long drop backward roll from the previous smaller boats. This also means non diving partners can meet up between dives.

Tobago’s Blue Waters Inn and Dive Centre has it all, both top side and underwater. Topside offers activities such as hiking, bird watching, touring one of the oldest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere and nearby waterfalls, tennis, or just relaxing on the secluded beach are just some of the many activities you can enjoy.

Speyside truly is a fantastic diving location and home to the largest Brain Coral in the world.

Take advantage of the fantastic Dive Show Offers that Oonasdivers have for Blue Waters Inn. Call +44(0)1323 648924 or email for more information.

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