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Video Contest – November 2021

Contest End Date: 12 midnight on Thursday, 25 November 2021

Title: Manta Magic
Author: Bryson Justus
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Description: This was filmed on the wreck of the JJF Tug about 10 miles off the coast of Morehead City, North Carolina using a SonyA6500 with 10-18 mm lens in a Fantasea Housing. I've been diving North Carolina for the past 15 years and believe it to be one of the most un-hyped world class dive destinations in the world. I think some divers get put off because of the chance of being weathered out, but I've been pretty lucky in that regard. If you enjoy big animals ( rays and sharks), histroric wrecks, including the U-352 a sunken Nazi U-boat, and huge schools of fish, you owe it to yourself to dive "The Graveyard of the Atlantic. On this particular day the weather was not optimal, so we stuck to the "inshore" wrecks. I was disappointed and looking forward to getting offshore, but quickly reminded myself that it was certainly better diving than the quarry id been in the past 4 months! My faith was rewarded with this magnificent creature! The only Manta I have seen diving in the Atlantic. Robert Purifoy, Captain of the dive boat "Olympus" said they see maybe one or two a year there.

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