Truli Wetsuits offers adventurous water women an alternative to mainstream wetsuits


Truli Girl Pippa Swannell. Photo by Vlad Jelnin

Truli Wetsuits

Truli Wetsuits for women is the first wetsuit company that has committed itself to truly meeting the needs of female scuba divers.  While working in the dive industry, CEO Mia Toose studied the women’s scuba diving market and began product development and testing.  This year, Truli Wetsuits launched the Truli-Mi signature design that is perfect for the female form.  Female divers identify strongly with the brand’s mission to provide a wetsuit for women that is high performance, warm, comfortable, and stylish.  A women’s wetsuit that is true to the women who wear them.

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The Truli-Mi signature design features a 3.5mm neoprene thickness lined with fleece for core warmth.  It is a sleeveless shorty with a front zip and no velcro to catch hair, scratch skin or ruin bathing suits.  The wetsuit is made of Ultraspan neoprene, which is very flexible and form fitting to all shapes and sizes.  Glide Skin covers the chest and back, which further maintains warmth on surface intervals and boat transits.  Manufacturing of the wetsuits is eco-friendly.  The manufacturer uses natural rubber to produce the neoprene as opposed to the chemically created rubber from petroleum that many other companies use.

Truli WetsuitsTruli WetsuitsTruli Wetsuits

The response from the female dive community confirms that Truli Wetsuits is what women have been looking for.  Customer Marilyn Hoffman reviews the Truli-Mi wetsuit: “I had the opportunity to dive in this suit before I purchased it. I was hesitant to say the least. I am a 5mm wetsuit diver with a 7mm hood in warm water and Mia claimed I would be warm and happy in this suit. I did not believe her but I tried it and LOVED it. It kept me warm and I was so comfortable. It is fast and easy to get on and off. When I received the email that they were for sale I bought one immediately. A must-have for any diver!”

In addition to scuba diving, Truli Wetsuits are used by female water sport enthusiasts who snorkel, freedive, kiteboard, wakeboard, kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard.  Several professional water women endorse Truli Wetsuits and are actively promoting the brand.  These include Jillian Morris-Brake, the founder of Sharks4Kids, and kiteboarder, Suami Cavallo of Italy/Dominican Republic among several others.

Truli Wetsuits

Truli Girl Jillian Morris-Brake. Photo by Duncan Brake

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The Truli-Mi is available at and in select retailers in Canada, Turks & Caicos, and The Dominican Republic.  The Truli-Capri, offering longer leg coverage and stunning colours, arrives in February 2017.   The company offers attractive partnerships for retailers, international distributors, co-branding opportunities and flexibility to meet customer preferences.  Business owners are encouraged to contact Truli Wetsuits at to express an interest in joining the Truli family.


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