Three National Records Set At The 2014 Great Northern Freediving competition


The 2014 Great Northern International UK Freediving Competition, which was organised by Steve Millard of the Apneists UK group (, took place on the 22nd and 23rd March at the Lifestyle Fitness Aquatic Centre in Liverpool. 51 athletes competed, 15 countries were represented and three new National Records were set.

The competition was made up of a combined point score over three disciplines – Dynamic no fins on day one, and Static and Dynamic with fins on day two.

The three National records were set by Rebecca Coales from the UK, who swam 145m in the dynamic no fins category; Hungarian Mike Benke, 142m dynamic no fins; and Romanian Constantin Timosca, who managed a 146m dynamic with fins swim.

“Many of the athletes that competed reported new personal bests over the two day event, which was attended by a lot of new freediving talent,” organiser Steve Millard said.

The final results and podium places were as follows:

International Male

1st: Antonio Delduca
2nd: Roman Walczyk
3rd: Tim Money


1st: Tim Money
2nd: Gary Lowe
3rd Gary McGrath

International Female

1st: Rebecca Coales
2nd: George Miller
3rd: Rebecca (Pauline) Ryan

BFA UK Female

1st: Rebecca Coales
2nd: George Miller
3rd: Rebecca (Pauline) Ryan

Best Female Newbie

Vinnie Ellwood, Apneists UK

Best Male Newbie

Jev Maligins, Apneists UK

Watch a video of the competition:

[youtube id=”KZs5eO6Vlp8″ width=”100%” height=”400px”]

Both Rebecca Coales and Mike Benke have been training with Steve Millard of Apneists UK. For more information about the Steve, Apneists UK and to find out how you can become a freediver, visit www.

Steve Millard

Steve Millard

Steve Millard is a leading UK based AIDA and PADI Freediving Instructor Trainer who is the owner of Apneists UK freediving group - Currently Press officer to the British Freediving Association and Performance mermaids lead coach.

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