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The Thrilling Encounter with Tiger Sharks at Beqa Lagoon’s ‘The Colosseum’ with Coral Coast Divers



tiger sharks

Nestled in the heart of Fiji, Beqa Lagoon is not just another dive destination; it’s a world-renowned haven for shark enthusiasts. Often hailed as the shark diving capital of the world, this magnificent lagoon offers an unparalleled underwater adventure. Let’s delve into the depths of Beqa Lagoon to understand what makes it a pinnacle of shark diving.

The History Of Shark Diving In The Beqa Lagoon

This journey began decades ago, evolving from the initial fascination and respect the local Fijian communities had for these magnificent creatures. In the early stages, shark diving in the lagoon was a rare and awe-inspiring experience, primarily pursued by adventurous divers seeking close encounters with these misunderstood predators. Dive centers began working with local communities and fishermen by protecting the area from fishing, and also shark baiting to encourage sharks to attend the dive sites. This had a profound effect not only on the shark population but on the local reefs and other fish populations as well. The local reefs are now much healthier than they were in the early 2000’s, there is a much greater population of other marine life, and the shark diving is world class! Over the years, as knowledge and appreciation of this area for sharks grew, Beqa Lagoon emerged as a premier destination for shark enthusiasts worldwide. This transformation was fueled by the collaborative efforts of local dive operators, conservationists, and the local Fijian people, who worked together to develop sustainable shark diving practices and by protecting large areas from fishing. These efforts not only positioned Beqa Lagoon as a global hotspot for shark diving but also played a pivotal role in shark conservation and research. Today, the legacy of shark diving in Fiji continues, offering a window into the fascinating world of these apex predators and a testament to the power of sustainable tourism in marine conservation.

tiger sharks

What Makes The Beqa Lagoon So Great For Shark Diving

Beqa Lagoon’s geographical features make it an exceptional location for shark diving. Encircled by one of Fiji’s most extensive barrier reefs, this natural fortress creates a serene and protected sanctuary, ideal for the flourishing marine life within. The barrier reef not only acts as a buffer against strong ocean currents but also nurtures a vibrant underwater ecosystem, providing a haven for a wide array of marine species, including sharks. Just outside the lagoon, the ocean floor descends into deep drop-offs, creating an environment where pelagic species can live and explore. This unique topography allows divers to experience both the colorful, shallow coral gardens and the thrilling depths where larger sharks roam. The healthy state of the reefs and surrounding oceans in the area is a crucial factor in sustaining a diverse marine population. This blend of a protected lagoon with the proximity to the deep ocean makes Beqa Lagoon not just a safe and accessible diving location but also a dynamic and exhilarating shark diving hotspot. This deep water surrounding the Beqa Lagoon is where the beautiful tiger sharks reside.

Why “The Colosseum” Has The Highest Rate Of Tiger Shark Encounters

The dive site called “The Colosseum”, which is a marine sanctuary operated in an agreement between the dive center Coral Coast Divers and the local Fijian community of Yanuca Island, is the dive site where Tiger Sharks are most commonly seen. This dive site is located on a reef which is very close to the outer edge of the Lagoon. So, while it may take an extra 20 minutes or so travel time via boat to reach this dive site, the increased likelihood of witnessing Tiger Sharks makes it all worthwhile. The Tiger Sharks in the area generally roam the deeper waters just outside of the lagoon. Once the bait is lowered into the water on the first dive, the scent begins traveling. The Tiger sharks pick it up and generally meet the divers on the second dive of the trip for an incredible shark feeding experience!

The Shark Diving Experience at Beqa Lagoon:

Diving in Beqa Lagoon is an immersive experience. The clear, warm waters offer excellent visibility, allowing divers to witness the majestic beauty of sharks in their natural habitat. From the awe-inspiring Tiger Sharks at ‘The Colosseum’ to the formidable Bull Sharks, the lagoon is a stage for some of the most thrilling underwater performances.

The Diversity of Shark Species: Up to 8 Species Of Sharks On 1 Dive

What truly sets Beqa Lagoon apart is the diversity of shark species. In addition to Tiger and Bull Sharks, divers can encounter up to eight different species in a single dive, including Lemon Sharks, Nurse Sharks, and potentially even the rare Silver Tip Sharks. This diversity is a testament to the health and richness of the marine ecosystem in Beqa Lagoon.

tiger sharks

A Shark Diving Capital Of The World

Beqa Lagoon stands unrivaled as the shark diving capital of the world, not just for the thrill of the dive but for the holistic experience it offers. It’s a place where nature, conservation, and culture converge to create an unforgettable diving adventure.

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Solo Travelling and Scuba Diving



solo scuba diving

Solo traveling elicits strong reactions, with some relishing the freedom it brings, while others shy away from the idea. The dichotomy lies between the autonomy of solo journeys and the comfort of companionship. Scuba diving group trips for solo travellers emerge as the perfect synthesis, offering a unique blend of freedom and camaraderie.

Embarking on a solo scuba diving adventure is a thrilling journey into unparalleled freedom, new discovery and self-discovery beneath the waves. However, solo travellers should be mindful of considerations to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, especially those diving abroad, taking precautions before leaving their home country is crucial for a safe and enjoyable journey.

solo scuba diver

“I started travelling solo by chance”- my wife recalls- “I joined a group from the diving club planning to travel to Tobago, people pulled out at the last minute and I decided to go ahead alone. I did enjoy the freedom: I could travel at the times I wanted, to the destinations I wanted, no need to negotiate when and where to eat and the air conditioning temperature. Diving is a social sport anyway, and the divers one meets are by definition like-minded people. It’s an opportunity to make new friends, often from different nationalities. I’ve gained so much in self confidence and interpersonal skills, way more than on corporate training courses J. However, as a woman solo traveller, I’ve always had to be mindful of personal safety in circumstances where one simply doesn’t know what to expect. I remember the apprehension I felt on the boat ride alone from Batanga to Puerto Galera in the evening. Also the same feeling whilst waiting in Dubai for someone to pick me up and drive me 2 hours to Musandam. This someone is now a dearest friend. The best thing for me is always to book through someone that has made the same journey, lived the experience directly and has close personal links at destinations.”

In essence, scuba diving trips for solo travellers offer a harmonious blend of autonomy and companionship. These journeys transcend traditional group travel challenges by uniting solo adventurers with a common passion.

The first question and one of the most important, as the answer usually determines your location is Liveaboard or Shore based, and there are Pros and Cons to both:


solo scuba diver


Immersive Dive Experience: Liveaboards provide uninterrupted access to dive sites, maximizing your time beneath the waves.

Varied Destinations: Journey to remote and pristine locations, exploring a range of dive spots during a single trip. Usually these site are only accessible by Liveaboard

Community Experience: Forge close bonds with fellow divers on board, fostering a sense of camaraderie.


Limited Amenities: Space constraints on liveaboards might limit facilities compared to resorts.

Community Experience: Liveaboards forge a close-knit community of divers and individuals, which may not be conducive to everyone’s character, particularly for people who enjoy some time alone to charge the batteries, or those not keen on negotiating group dynamics in a somewhat confined environment.

Shore based

solo scuba diving solo scuba diving


Comfort and Amenities: Resorts offer a comfortable stay with various amenities, including spas, swimming pools and restaurants.

Flexibility: Choose daily dives or explore at your pace, enjoying the freedom to create a personalized itinerary.

Onshore Exploration: Besides diving, resorts often provide opportunities to explore local culture and attractions.


Fixed Locations: While convenient, resorts limit you to specific dive sites accessible from shore.

Time Constraints: Day trips or tight schedules may impose time restrictions on your underwater adventures.

Flexibility: Unless you are certified as a solo diver then you have to dive with a buddy or with a private guide, which could be a costly option.


Personal Preferences: Evaluate your preferences for accommodation, community engagement, and the overall pace of your dive experience.

Destination Exploration: Assess whether you seek the thrill of exploring multiple dive destinations on a liveaboard or prefer the convenience of a single resort location.

Choosing between liveaboard trips and dive resorts hinges on your desired balance of adventure, comfort, and community. Whether you opt for the dynamic exploration of liveaboards or the leisurely pace of resorts, each option promises a unique and unforgettable underwater journey.

solo scuba diving

Dive Destination – Research and Planning

Conducting thorough research on dive destinations is crucial. Understand its culture, local customs, and any travel advisories. Always check government advice, BUT also consider joining Facebook or similar groups and get some real-world advice from like-minded divers.

It’s essential to opt for reputable dive operators with a strong safety record. Sea to Sky, a trusted name in the industry, places a high priority on guest safety, offering comprehensive services, advice, and recommendations.

Ensure you are aware of any health risks or vaccinations required for your destination. Carry a basic first aid kit, if weight allows and any necessary medications. We would advise not to take any over the counter medications aboard, as most are readily available and in a lot of cases cheaper. If you are prescribed medications, please ensure that your country of entry allows your medication, and in all cases please take a doctor’s letter/prescription.

Solo divers should be mindful of diving in secluded or challenging dive locations.  Opting for familiar, well-monitored locations where assistance is readily available if needed. Sea to Sky takes a personalized approach, considering guests’ experience and certification levels to suggest optimal dive locations within their limits.

Being cautious about equipment is paramount for solo divers. Rigorous gear checks to ensure everything is in optimal condition are essential. For those renting equipment, Sea to Sky ensures that the dive centre or liveaboard operator’s gear is regularly serviced and up to date. Please self-check all equipment, we are happy to advise on what to and how to check any equipment.

Safety and Security

Invest in comprehensive travel insurance and Dive Insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and potential diving-related incidents. Keep a digital and physical copy of your insurance details. Secure important documents like your passport, travel insurance, and diving certifications in a waterproof pouch. Consider making digital copies that you can access online.  Share your itinerary and emergency contact information with a trusted friend or family member. Keep them informed about your whereabouts and any changes to your plans. We personally use Nord Locker to store all relevant information, including copies of passport, accessible via the cloud (No affiliation, it’s just what we use).

solo scuba diving

Financial Preparedness

Inform your bank about your travel dates to avoid any issues with your credit/debit cards. Carry a mix of local currency and cards. We can advise country by country what cash to take, as in some destinations Euros or Dollars are the better option.  Be cautious when using ATMs and choose secure locations (inside banks for example). Keep a small amount of emergency cash separate from your main funds. This can be invaluable in situations where card payments may not be accepted.

Communication and Connectivity

Consider getting a local SIM card to stay connected. Check the network coverage in your destination and inform your loved ones about your contact number. We also use an ESim called Airolo (Again no affiliation) but some of the charges can be quite high especially in Egypt, but for peace of mind it’s great.  Carry a portable charger for your electronic devices, including your phone and any underwater cameras. Also check with the country you are travelling to ascertain what plug is compatible.

solo scuba diving

Cultural Sensitivity

Familiarise yourself with the local culture and customs to show respect. This includes appropriate clothing, gestures, and behaviour, both on land and underwater.

What sets Sea to Sky apart is the personal relationships developed with its suppliers and its commitment to providing 24-hour telephone contact for guests, offering reassurance and assistance around the clock. Solo travellers can dive with confidence, knowing that expert guidance and support are just a call away.

In essence, while solo scuba diving opens doors to incredible underwater experiences, travellers must exercise caution, conduct diligent research, choose reputable operators, and prioritise safety.

For any information or assistance you require please feel free to contact the team at

Join Sea to Sky and embark on new diving adventures! Visit for more information.

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The BiG Scuba Podcast Episode 172: Dr. Joseph Dituri



Joseph Dituri

Gemma and Ian chat to Dr. Joseph Dituri. Dr. Jospeh Dituri lived undersea for 100 Days in a mission combining education, ocean conservation research, and the study of the physiological and psychological effects of compression on the human body.  

Dituri enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1985. He served continuously on active service upon various ships and shore stations where he was involved in every aspect of diving and special operations work from saturation diving and deep submergence to submersible design and clearance diving. Now that he is retired from 28 years of active service to the United States, he is the president of the International Board of Undersea Medicine. He also volunteers his time as the CEO of the Association for Marine Exploration. He is an invited speaker on motivational, sea and space related topics.

Fuelled by his passion for exploration, discovery, adventure, and making the greatest possible positive contribution to the world, he is fighting for change in a big way and with great enthusiasm.

You can listen to Episode 172 of the BiG Scuba Podcast here.

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