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Suunto Recall A Limited Quantity Of High Pressure Rubber Hoses



A limited batch of the high pressure rubber hoses used with Suunto air integrated dive computers, dive computer combos and analog combos has unfortunately been identified to have defective hose material which may impact the durability of the hose.

This defect may cause the high pressure rubber hose to leak or rupture leading to loss of breathing gas at higher than anticipated rate which may result in severe injury or death.

Suunto announces a limited quantity safety recall of high pressure rubber hoses as identified below.

Identification of the affected high pressure rubber hoses:

  • Black rubber outer covering on hose
  • Marked with text 5000 PSIG PRESSURE TESTED – MADE IN USA
  • Hose diameter approximately 12,5 mm (1/2 inch) and length approximately 84 cm (33 inch)
  • Manufacturing batch code 1812 printed

High pressure rubber hose recall

This recall applies only to the specific 1812 batch of the high pressure rubber hoses. Other high pressure rubber hoses are not impacted and need not to be replaced.

The following products using this high pressure rubber hose may be affected: Cobra, Cobra 3, SM-36 pressure gauge and gauge combos, as well as Vyper and Zoop when purchased as combo products.

To date, there have been no known injuries related to this issue. It is mandatory that all affected products are returned for a hose change.

Suunto have apologised for the inconvenience, and asks all customers who have purchased a product using the above-mentioned high pressure rubber hose after 11/2012 to investigate their product immediately. If the high-pressure rubber hose in your product has the identification details listed above, diving is prohibited. Return the product immediately to your nearest Suunto Dive authorized dealer for a hose change free of charge.

Return instructions for affected products (hoses with production lot code “1812”)

1. Bring your product to the nearest Suunto Dive authorized dealer or Suunto Authorized Service Center for a hose change.

2. In the US and EU you can also use the Suunto Online Service Request to get your product picked up and delivered for the hose change.

Customer support contact details can be found at the Suunto Support site.

Product codes for potentially affected Suunto products

SS005100200 SM-36/300 W/ HOSE W/ SLEEVE BULK
SS005100300 SM-36/4000 W/HOSE W/ SLEEVE BULK
SS005101200 SM-36/300 W/ HOSE W/O SLEEVE BULK
SS005108200 SM-36/300 W/ HOSE W/ SLEEVE
SS005108300 SM-36/4000 W/ HOSE W/ SLEEVE
SS005240200 CB-ONE/300 COMBO
SS005240300 CB-ONE/4000 COMBO
SS005249210 CB-2 IN LINE/300/45 COMBO
SS005249220 CB-2 IN LINE/300/70 COMBO
SS005249330 CB-2 IN LINE/4000/150 COMBO
SS005249340 CB-2 IN LINE/4000/230 COMBO
SS005267200 CB-2 IN LINE/300/VYPER COMBO
SS005267300 CB-2 IN LINE/4000/VYPER COMBO
SS005402000 COBRA
SS018537000 COBRA3 BLACK
SS018661000 CB-TWO/4000/7 COMBO NH
SS018662000 CB-TWO/4000/7 COMBO SH
SS018663000 CB-TWO/300/7 COMBO NH
SS018664000 CB-TWO/300/7 COMBO SH
SS018665000 CB-3 IN LINE/4000/230/7 COMBO NH
SS018666000 CB-3 IN LINE/4000/230/7 COMBO SH
SS018667000 CB-3 IN LINE/4000/150/7 COMBO NH
SS018668000 CB-3 IN LINE/4000/150/7 COMBO SH
SS018669000 CB-3 IN LINE/300/70/7 COMBO NH
SS018670000 CB-3 IN LINE/300/70/7 COMBO SH
SS018671000 CB-3 IN LINE/300/45/7 COMBO NH
SS018672000 CB-3 IN LINE/300/45/7 COMBO SH
SS018681000 CB-DBL IN LINE/300/70/7 COMBO NH
SS018682000 CB-DBL IN LINE/4000/230/7 COMBO NH
SS018683000 CB-DBL 300/7 COMBO NH
SS018684000 CB-DBL 4000/7 COMBO NH
SS018685000 CB-COBRA/7 NH
SS018686000 CB-COBRA/Q/USB/7 NH
SS019542000 CB-2 IN LINE/4000/VYPER COMBO W/ USB
SS0K5165000 HP HOSE 33inch

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Jump into… IDC’s and what to expect



Looking at becoming a PADI Instructor? Why would you not, it is the best job in the world! Getting to become a PADI Instructor though is sometimes a scary process… or so I have heard…. It really isn’t, trust me! It’s actually pretty fun. 

The first thing I always like to get people to remember is their Open water course. When you started did you know everything about how the equipment worked? Did your instructor expect you to know all of the skills before they showed you them? No? Well, guess what, the IDC is a course too. It is about preparing you and working with you to give you the tips and tricks to not just pass your Instructor Examination (IE), but to prepare you for teaching your own students. 

I am well aware that there are courses out there that just teach you how to pass, and I am by far not saying that I have the best IDC in the world. I don’t, and I learn all of the time myself. There’s always an instructor that comes along in the dive season doing something a different way that I pick up and use. We learn all of the time, and is the only way that we ever get better. So to clear up that misconception, the IDC is not just a stepping stone to the IE and you are not expected to know everything before you come along. 

So, what does the IDC actually involve. Theory… obviously. You are going to need to have a knowledge of physics, RDP and all of the other topics that you will have covered throughout you diving levels. The theory side is the ‘boring’ part… I mean, we all dive for the water, no?! But, it is an important part and it’s going to help you be able to explain how to use the equipment, how it actually works, and the other questions that your students are going to be curious about. This section is all about developing your knowledge of those sections.

The water side then, confined water and open water. The fun parts! In short this is where we are going to go through the course skills and see how everyone does them. There is no perfect way for this… you do not have to play Simon says on the course… your way may be better than everyone else! What we will do though, is work with you to make sure that the demonstration is clear, concise and controlled to demonstrate to your students. Again, there is no expectation to be perfect before you come. We want you to ask questions, we want you to make mistakes… because that is how we learn, and most of all, how we get better. 

The other part of the in water activities, aren’t just about the skills though, it is also about your control under the water. We want to make sure that when you head out with your own students, that you are comfortable and can control the situation. Not something that comes to us all naturally straight away, but with coaching on the IDC, I am sure that you will get to this point before the end!

Last but not least, the course standards, content and rescue scenarios. All of this is in place to make sure that you understand the syllabus for each of the courses that you are going to be able to teach, and just as importantly, you are able to effect a rescue if the situation ever presented itself. A gloomy but important situation to think about. 

And after all that… voila! Thats it, the IDC! After completion there is then the ‘scary’ IE with the PADI examiners… they aren’t actually that scary, I promise! The two day IE basically covers what you have learnt in the IDC. No surprises, you are assessed on exactly what you have covered.

So stop putting off your IDC. If you love scuba and want to make it your career. Do it! 

Clare began Duttons Divers at just 19 years old and a short while later became one of the world’s youngest PADI Course Directors. Find out more at

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Final few days to enter the OrcaTorch Search for Atlantis photo competition



You have until the 1st June to enter this unique underwater photography competition that only allows images that depict cave or wreck diving. This unique competition encourages underwater photographers to get creative with their lighting and will be judged by a team of OrcaTorch Brand Ambassadors.

After the final round of entries this week, the competition will move to the second phase where the public can vote for their favourite images, via the OrcaTorch Facebook group, to narrow the field down to the final 10 for the judges to deliberate on.

OrcaTorch are offering a range of their diving lights as prizes for the winners.

For more information about the rules and how to enter the competition click here.

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