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Solitude World Unveils Solitude Gaia: Redefining Liveaboard Adventures



Solitude Gaia

Solitude Gaia, the newest addition to the esteemed Solitude World Fleet, epitomises the unparalleled hospitality that defines Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts —an authentic experience cherished by all.

Solitude Gaia, the scuba diving liveaboard, establishes a new standard for maritime adventure by seamlessly blending sophistication, exploration, and environmental consciousness on the high seas.

In homage to Gaia, the Greek Earth goddess, Solitude Gaia embodies a profound commitment to connecting individuals with the ocean’s wonders while advocating for environmental stewardship. Beyond being a mere liveaboard, it offers an immersive experience where refined comfort merges with the spirit of exploration.

In 2024, Solitude liveaboards and resorts enter a transformative era. To mark this momentous period, Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts introduces Solitude Gaia. Having first graced the waters in mid 2023, this exceptional vessel is set to redefine adventure and experience, signifying the onset of an extraordinary odyssey for maritime enthusiasts.

Debuting for its inaugural liveaboard cruises in 2024, Solitude Gaia beckons adventurers to “Uncover the Depths of Refined Adventure.” Beginning its journey from March to July in Tubbataha, The Philippines, for a limited season, followed by annual expeditions in Palau from September onwards, the vessel promises an unforgettable voyage.

To celebrate the launch of Solitude Gaia, bookings are now open for 2024 voyages. All reservations made until June 1, 2024, qualify for Solitude’s introductory promotional offers:

– A 10% reduction on the booking price OR

– For every group of 5 paying divers, an additional diver at no cost* (*Applied to the lowest-priced cruise package). This offer is valid for all Solitude Gaia Cruises until June 5, 2025.

Key Features of Solitude Gaia:

– Harmonious Fusion of Comfort and Adventure: Equipped with a robust steel hull and aluminium superstructure, Solitude Gaia ensures a serene journey without compromising on comfort.

– Meticulously Designed Cabins: Featuring nine cabins, including ocean-view staterooms, verandahs, lower deck interiors, and main deck accommodations, Solitude Gaia provides a tranquil haven for up to 18 guests.

– The Solitude Service: Delivering impeccable service, a diverse range of water sports, and environmentally conscious practices, crafting a distinctive and unparalleled experience for guests aboard Solitude Gaia.

– Environmental Responsibility: Deliberately balancing service quality and environmental impact through conscientious decision-making.

– Dive into Gaia’s Realm: Embark on scuba diving adventures, explore vibrant coral reefs, and witness exotic marine life while fostering a profound respect for nature’s wonders.

Solitude Gaia represents more than a liveaboard; it extends an invitation to embark on a transformative journey where discreet elegance, adventure, and environmental mindfulness converge.

For inquiries and bookings, please contact Solitude Liveaboards and Resorts at

About Solitude Gaia:

Solitude Gaia is a scuba diving liveaboard dedicated to delivering extraordinary experiences that connect individuals with the ocean’s splendours while promoting environmental responsibility. With comfort, adventure, and sustainability as its cornerstones, Solitude Gaia offers a remarkable voyage beneath the waves, inviting travellers to explore and safeguard the marine ecosystem.

Upcoming Expedition for a Limited Season: Tubbataha, The Philippines – March 2023 – July 2024

Official Launch in Palau – Annual Expeditions Commencing September 2024

Marine Life & Conservation

Iceland issue millionaire whale hunter a licence to murder 128 vulnerable fin whales



whaling petition

Just a few days ago, Iceland issued millionaire whale hunter Kristján Loftsson a licence to murder 128 vulnerable fin whales.

Fin whales are awe-inspiring — capable of communicating through song, feeling love, and experiencing deep emotional suffering. Loftsson often kills them pregnant, and a study found that these majestic giants can take up to 2 hours to die after being harpooned.

We can still stop this cruelty and protect the second largest mammal on earth – not just this season but for good – by helping change the law and making this Iceland’s last licence.

The Icelandic government is under pressure. The key minister admitted she doesn’t agree with whaling but says the law forced her to grant the licence. Brave lawmakers plan to try to repeal that law.

We can help, like we did before: Let’s make this a PR nightmare for the Icelandic government, and build a 2 million-strong call to put whalers like Kristján Loftsson out of business forever. Time is ticking – add your name and share with everyone you know!

Scientists discovered cells in whales’ brains that process complex emotions like romance and grief. These were thought to exist only in humans and great apes, but whales have up to three times more of them than humans!

Loftsson says he might not have enough time this season to organise the slaughter of these gentle giants.  But he’s not likely to stop. A few years ago, shocked visitors saw one of Loftsson’s ships floating in bloody water, hauling a carcass. “Just tell them to look somewhere else. They can just turn around and look the other way,” he said. Let’s show him that we won’t look away until whaling is gone for good.

Whaling season is open, Loftsson has a licence, and at any moment he could decide to go on a killing spree. So we need to move fast to stop the hunt – now and forever! Add your name and share everywhere – when we make it massive, Avaaz will deliver our call directly to the top decision-makers in Reykjavik!

You can sign the petition here.

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Murex Bangka Announce New Oceanfront Cottages & Beachfront Dining



dive resort indonesia

Located on a private, palm-fringed, white sand beach and surrounded by kaleidoscopic coral reefs that are bursting with colour and teeming with life, Murex Bangka Resort is a haven for scuba divers. A stay at Murex Bangka gives divers the opportunity to experience a virtually untouched, Indonesian tropical island paradise.

This stunning resort that harnesses solar power, is committed to sustainability and marine conservation – is now offering divers even more home comforts with the completion of its new Premium Oceanfront Cottages and a new restaurant offering exciting indoor and al fresco dining experiences.

NEW Premium Oceanfront Cottages

Murex Bangka Resort offers a duplex style and two detached Premium Oceanfront Cottages which are positioned close to the ocean and are just steps away from the beach.

These tastefully appointed and spacious air-conditioned rooms offer comfortable indoor living and large verandas with outdoor seating. Double and twin bed sleeping configurations are available and all Premium Oceanfront Cottages feature large ensuite bathrooms with twin basins.

dive resort indonesia

As well as the detached cottages, the duplex option offers two more individual premium living spaces. For families and groups of friends, the two adjoining duplex cottages and the shared adjoining common living room area may be opened up – making this an ideal and generously proportioned for option for families and groups who prefer to stay closer together.

dive resort indonesia


  • Large verandas with ceiling fans
  • Ensuite ocean view bathrooms with hot water rainfall showers
  • AC throughout the night
  • Minibar
  • Dressing table/desk area
  • Ample storage
  • King size or twin beds with mosquito nets
  • Complimentary drinking water
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Ample wall sockets for charging accessories
  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating
  • Shared common/living area (Duplex Cottages)

dive resort indonesia

New Beachfront Dining

After a day of diving, guests can now kick-back, relax and enjoy flavours from around the world in Murex Bangka’s new beachfront restaurant. As well as serving a la carte dishes from the inspiring menu, diners can enjoy both buffet and family-style offerings.

Dishes combine the freshest of local ingredients and include options for a range of dietary preferences and restrictions. Bangka’s new menu has been carefully curated with the assistance of an internationally renowned food and beverage consultant and there is a focus on combining traditional classics with more contemporary international plates.

dive resort indonesia

The new and impressive free standing main restaurant allows guests to dine just meters from the shore while enjoying beautiful beach and sea views. Three meals a day are on offer as well as an enticing selection of specialty coffees, teas, mocktails and cocktails. A wine menu is also available and a cold beer (or beverage of your choosing) makes for a perfect way to end the day while watching the sunset over the ocean.

dive resort indonesia

Book Your Stay

If you would like to find out more about Murex Bangka or to make a reservation, contact: or take a look at the Murex Resorts website:

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