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SeaWorld plans to block shareholder vote aimed at ‘retiring’ killer whales



SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. intends to block shareholders from voting on a measure that urges the Orlando-based company to develop “coastal sanctuaries” and use them as retirement homes for its collection of captive killer whales.

The proposal was submitted by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in advance of SeaWorld’s first annual shareholders meeting, where shareholders will be asked to elect directors and vote on other company business. PETA owns 80 shares of SeaWorld stock.

But SeaWorld has told federal regulators it plans to ignore PETA’s request. The reason: Federal rules require shareholders to have held stock in a company for at least a year before they can submit recommendations for a vote. SeaWorld has been a publicly traded company for less than a year, making it impossible for any shareholder to meet that criterion.

“Because the proponent [PETA] had not — and could not have — held shares in the company for at least one year prior to the date on which it submitted the proposal, it is ineligible to submit a stockholder proposal at this time,” the company wrote in a recent letter to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

The marine-park owner went public on April 19 of last year. PETA bought its shares in the company on the same day.

What’s more, SeaWorld says it plans to file its annual “proxy statement,” a document that must be mailed to shareholders before its yearly meeting and that must include any proposals to be voted on April 17, two days before its first anniversary as a publicly traded company.

To cover its bases, SeaWorld has asked the SEC for assurance that the agency will not take legal action should it exclude PETA’s recommendation from its proxy materials.

PETA, which has asked the SEC to deny SeaWorld’s request, accuses SeaWorld of hiding behind federal rules. The organization notes that it has held SeaWorld stock for as long as possible and that it does not intend to get rid of its stake in the company — which is currently valued at about $2,500 — before the annual meeting.

“SeaWorld shareholders should have an opportunity to improve the company’s reputation and preserve its future by making the progressive decision to transfer these intelligent mammals to sea sanctuaries where they finally have the opportunity to be whales again,” said Jared Goodman, PETA’s director of animal law.

SeaWorld defended its decision in a written statement Monday. “We owe it to our shareholders to conduct our annual proxy process in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations,” the company said.



Marine Life & Conservation

The Shark Trust Great Shark Snapshot is back



The last week of July will see the return of the Shark Trust’s citizen science initiative, The Great Shark Snapshot. It invites divers and snorkellers, all around the world, to record the sharks and rays that they see. This year it takes place between the 20th and 28th July.

The event is back for its 3rd year, and it is happening in “Shark Month”, more commonly known as July! To coincide with a series of events that celebrate all things shark and ray.

Divers, their clubs, dive centres, charter boats and liveaboards are all encouraged to show their support by organising dives and events through the week. As well as gathering vital data, the event will provide a chance to celebrate the incredible shark and ray species that live in our ocean.

Information about the species and numbers of sharks and rays the participants find over the week will be added to the Shark Trust’s Shark Log. This global shark census will, over time, allow shark scientists to build a picture of species distribution and any changes that occur

Caroline Robertson-Brown, Marketing Manager at the Shark Trust said “It is great to see this popular citizen science event back for its 3rd year. Whether you are diving your local dive site, or on a trip of a lifetime, we want divers to join in on the Great Shark Snapshot in July. I cannot wait to hear from the divers and dive organisations about the species of sharks and rays that they see. And where in the world they see them.”

It is easy to join in. Just go diving between 20th and 28th July and record every shark, ray and skate that you and your dive group sees. If possible, take photos and some video footage too. Then make sure that you record your sightings on the Shark Trust Shark Log recordings website or by using the Shark Trust app.

The Great Shark Snapshot is a way for divers to get together, go diving, and do something to help shark conservation. Why not dive in?

Find out more here:

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The Ocean Cleanup to Complete 100th Extraction Live from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch



the ocean cleanup
  • The Ocean Cleanup marks 100th extraction of plastic pollution from the Pacific Ocean by livestreaming entire cleaning operation from start to finish.
  • Occasion brings together supporters, partners, donors and followers as the project readies its cleanup technology for scale-up.
  • Founder and CEO Boyan Slat to provide insight on the plans ahead.

The Ocean Cleanup is set to reach a milestone of 100 plastic extractions from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Extraction #100, scheduled for 28 or 29 May 2024, will be the first ever to be livestreamed direct from the Pacific Ocean, allowing supporters and partners around the world to see up close how the organization has removed over 385,000 kilograms (nearly 850,000 lbs) of plastic from the GPGP so far – more than double the bare weight of the Statue of Liberty.

the ocean cleanup

The mission of The Ocean Cleanup is to rid the oceans of plastic. To do this, the non-profit project employs a dual strategy: cleaning up legacy floating plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (the world’s largest accumulation of floating plastic), while stopping the flow of plastic from the world’s most polluting rivers.

The Ocean Cleanup captured its first plastic (the first ‘extraction’) in the GPGP in 2019 with System 001, following years of trials and testing with a variety of concepts. Through System 002 and now the larger and more efficient System 03, the organization has consistently improved and optimized operations, and is now preparing to extract plastic trash from the GPGP for the 100th time.

the ocean cleanup

Extraction #100 will be an interactive broadcast showing the entire extraction procedure live and in detail, with insight provided by representatives from across The Ocean Cleanup and partners contributing to the operations.

This is an important milestone in a key year for The Ocean Cleanup.’ said Boyan Slat, Founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup. ‘We’ve come a long way since our first extraction in 2019. During the 2024 season, with System 03, we aim to demonstrate that we are ready to scale up, and with it, confine the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the history books.

the ocean cleanup

The livestream will be hosted on The Ocean Cleanup’s YouTube channel and via X. Monitor @theoceancleanup for confirmed timings.

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