Search for missing Algerian diver in Dubai goes viral


Friends of missing Algerian diver Adel Ait-Ghezala, aged 35, have launched a massive social media campaign to mobilise rescue operations.

Adel, an American University PhD student, had gone diving off Dubai with three friends and his wife Rana on January 1 around 4pm. He was equipped with a wet suit, fins, a speargun and a snorkel, but no tank.

Adel’s best friend Abdullah Al-Arian has flown in from Doha to be with his family during this trying time.

“I am here to help support the family and help coordinate the rescue operations. And, I am here to do everything to help,” said Abdullah.

He added that the officials are currently doing everything to help in the rescue operations.

“I’m confident with the efforts and the officials are doing everything to help us.”

Abdullah added that they are seeking assistance from diving experts as well. “We want as many volunteers to come help out. It’s a big ocean and we need as many people to contribute as possible.”

The support so far, he claimed, has been overwhelming.

“Whether it is financial assistance or resources, people from all over the world have contributed. People who knew him and even those who didn’t have all stepped up to help. In that sense, Adel has united many lives.”

He informed that there are diving experts who have flown in specially to help out.

Abdullah recalled that he was not in Dubai when the unfortunate incident happened. “I was in Doha but came here to be with his family.”

Adel, who lives in the US, is an expert diver and has frequented this region before.

“He grew up in Oman, and comes here during his holidays. He has tremendous experience in these waters,” Abdullah added.

He and the family are staying hopeful. “The uncertainty is obviously painful. But, we have to stay positive and hopeful and do whatever it takes.”

webpage set up to gather funds for the rescue operations has raised $55,000 in just two days.

“If we don’t act today, we may lose our friend. Please help us save Adel Ait-Ghezala by supporting however you can,” a post read on the page.

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