Scubaverse’s Photo Editor, Nick Robertson-Brown, in “Fancy A Brew?” podcast


Our very own Underwater Photography Editor, Nick Robertson-Brown, features in a recent podcast called Fancy a Brew?

The podcast is brought to divers around the world by Andy Clark, or Andy the Northern Diver, and can be accessed via various podcast platforms or by clicking on the Youtube link below:

The two sit down and chat about all things underwater photography, diving and dive travel over a cup of tea (or coffee in Nick’s case). Nick talks publically for the first time about his terrible neck injury and how this led him to take up diving and how diving now provides him with a rare pain-free environment. The ocean is his “zen” place.

Nick, along with wife Caroline, writes for Scubaverse and Dive Travel Adventures, as an underwater photojournalist. Together they also run their own company, Frogfish Photography, selling underwater photography equipment, presenting talks, working on marine conservation and teaching underwater photography. To find out more click on the link and have a listen.

For more about Frogfish Photography visit their website by clicking here.

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