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Scubaverse 2018 Christmas Gift Guide



Struggling to find the perfect gift for that special scuba diver in your life? Then struggle no more! Team Scubaverse has searched far and wide to bring you this season’s must have Christmas gifts…

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Ammonite System LED Stingray Video Set from Nautilus Diving

Tel: 0333 444 0104

The Ammonite System LED Stingray Video Set from Nautilus Diving… all you need to add is your action camera.

Set contains:

2 x LED STINGRAY VIDEO – 2 x 1000 lumen

2 x battery Li-Ion 18650/3000mA

2 x flexible arms with mounting for LED STINGRAY VIDEO

1 x trail for camera and flexible arm

1 x pouch for batteries storage

1 x double USB charger

1 x plastic case for the set

Please note: this set does not contain a camera housing!

Tel: 0333 444 0104 / Email: / Web:

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Fantasea Line FG9X Camera Housing from Nautilus Diving

Tel: 0333 444 0104

The FG9X Housing is manufactured to the highest professional standards of function, style and durability.

It is depth rated to 60m/200 feet, provides full access to all camera buttons with clearly labeled controls and access to essential contact points on the camera touch screen.

The Fantasea FG9X is the ultimate waterproof home for the Canon PowerShot G9 X and G9 X Mark II.

Find out more about the FG9X Housing here.

Tel: 0333 444 0104 / Email: / Web:

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XDEEP Ghost Delux from Nautilus Diving

Tel: 0333 444 0104


Comfortable, Complete and only 2.3Kg

A complete, exceptionally comfortable BC system weighing in at only 2.3Kg. Perfect for the travelling scuba diver. A revolutionary design and cutting edge materials, coupled with no compromises on quality has created a tough and durable BCD unrivalled in recreational diving.

Streamlined for minimum drag

The ability to streamline the diver’s body and equipment in the water has significant advantages. Low drag reduces the effort needed to move through the water. The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure. The GHOST was designed to be completely streamlined, staying tight to the divers body and cylinder. Effort is reduced, enjoyment of the dive is heightened.

Safe and Comfortable at the Surface

Wing systems for recreational diving have a reputation for pushing you face down at the surface; not the GHOST. The upper part of the wing is intentionally smaller than other single cylinder wings to prevent you being pushed forwards. The GHOST maximises it۪s small size but significant lift of over 17 litres of buoyancy. The design ensures that just about all the BCD lift is kept underwater when you are upright at the surface. Whatever the conditions, you will be supported safely and comfortably above the water.

Find out more about the XDEEP Ghost here.

Tel: 0333 444 0104 / Email: / Web:

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Scuba Travel Gift Voucher

RRP:£25 – £50
Tel: 01483 411590

The elves at Scuba Travel HQ have just the pressie for that special diver in your life. Give the gift of travel with our holiday vouchers.

Available in £25 and £50 denominations, these lovely vouchers will look perfect wrapped up under the tree or filling a stocking.

Order yours by the 21st of December for Xmas delivery. Simply call 01483 411590 and our elves will do the rest.

Find out more about Scuba Travel’s Gift Vouchers here.

Tel: 01483 411590 / Email: / Web:

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Ratio iDive Color from Liquid Sports

Tel: 07585 935522


Ratio iDive Color, our latest iDive uses a matrix TFT full coloured screen providing a clear easy to read display.

The user can choose from up to 9 different colours for the data, labels, alarms, titles and menu to personalise the screen.

The reachable Li-ion battery can be used for up 20 hours in dive mode and 1-2 months in watch mode.

All variants have a 3D compass as well as being compatible with optional extras, multi transmitters (with side-mount option) and O2 analyser.

There are 3 variants:

iDive Color Easy, 2 nitrox mix, buhlmann algorithm SRP £549.

iDive Color Deep 3 mix normoxit  trimix, selectable buhlmann and VPM algorithm SRP £649.

iDive Color Tech+ 10 gas full trimix with CCR options, selectable buhlmann and VPM algorithm SRP £799.

Find out more about the iDive Color here.

Tel: 07585 935522 / Email: / Web:

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Bigblue A1 1200NP MK2 from Liquid Sports

Tel: 07585 935522

Bigblue Al 1200NP MK2, our best selling product over the last 2 years, has become more compact for 2019, making it a great companion for your dives.

The 1200 lumen beam of 10° gives a sharp intense light that cuts through the water and illuminates your dive. XML LED has 4 settings that is selected through the on/off button and ranges from 120 through to 1200 lumens.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery has a burn time of 2-20 hours depending on which setting is selected.

The light comes with a battery, charging cradle, lanyard and dry bag.

Find out more about the Bigblue Al 1200NP MK2 here.

Tel: 07585 935522 / / Web:

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Sharkskin Rapid Dry from Liquid Sports

RRP:£60 – £65
Tel: 07585 935522


Providing ultimate protection from the sun and drying in literally minutes, the loose stylish cut means your Sharkskin Rapid Dry garment is the perfect choice both on and off the water.

Rapid Dry is a lightweight, fast drying fabric in which the material is ‘infused’ and then ‘heat set’ with a water repellent treatment (WRT). This method achieves a finish that is vastly more effective at shedding water and lasts much longer than traditional fabric treatments.

The Rapid Dry fabric is warmer than cotton and nylon/lycra synthetic fabrics when wet. It has an SPF50+ rating for full sun protection, is lightweight, breathable and durable. Available with long sleeve £65 or short sleeved £60 in black, white, pink and black/orange.

Find out more about the Sharkskin Rapid Dry here.

Tel: 07585 935522 / Email: / Web:

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O’Three 3SG Three Season Gloves

Tel: 01305 822820

A highly versatile firm favorite, our best selling glove and a favorite of Paul Rose.

This all round glove can be worn from early spring to mid-winter.

– 3mm quality neoprene

– PU Textured Palm

– Longer length

– Elasticated wrist strap

Find out more about the O’Three 3SG Three Season Gloves here.

Tel: 01305 822820 / Email: / Web:

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O’Three PBB eXtreme – Point Below Base Layer System

RRP:£159.95 – £199.95
Tel: 01305 822820

Materials that have been proven in more extreme environments than diving have been used by O’Three in the development and manufacture of a technical, functional, easy to wear set of garments specifically designed for our sport.

To stay warm it is imperative you stay dry, not just the job of your drysuit, but your base layer/undersuit as well.

Your first concern must be to move perspiration away from your skin. Polarpro technical thermal fleece wicks, breathes and is hydrophobic, which means the fibres do not absorb water.

Body moisture is transferred away from the skin and in its place a contour of warm dry air is created.

– Flexible two part design – Top and Salopette

– PolarPro Technical Thermal Fleece

– Improved thermal properties

– Improved wind resistance

– Repels water

– Wicks and breathes

– Collar comfort zip

– Double Front Pocket

– Hidden Key Pocket

– Routing for P-Valve (Mens version only)

– Double ended zip on the Salopette

– New and improved spine and lumbar areas

– Stretchable

– Designs specially tailored for Men and Women

Set comprises of Top, Salopette and Socks.

All our PBB sets come ready to dive in their own zipped carry / stash bag.

Find out more about the O’Three PBB eXtreme – Point Below Base Layer System here.

Tel: 01305 822820 / Email: / Web:

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O’Three Deepskin Tech Vest

Tel: 01305 822820

Much more than just a rash vest…

Used on its own, unlike a conventional Lycra rash vest the Deepskin tech vest will offer a good degree of thermal insulation, with the added benefit of increased UV protection.

Unisex fit.

When and where to wear:

Use the Deepskin tech vest as an additional thermal neoprene layer under any wetsuit / semi dry. Consider adding the Deepskin short john for when it’s really cold.

Alternatively, when diving in those turquoise waters around the world, the Tech Vest and the Deepskin short john combination on its own is just perfect.

Find out more about the O’Three Deepskin Tech Vest here.

Tel: 01305 822820 / Email: / Web:

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Exposure Lights Action 1-16 Dive Light

Tel: 01798 839300

The Action1-16 is a powerful, compact dive torch packed full of clever engineering including ‘Tap control’ and a traffic light battery feedback system.

The single CREE XPL LED produces 1000 Lumens of bright white light over a 16° Beam and the Internal Thermal Management controls the temperature of the LED, keeping it as efficient and bright as possible allowing use above and below the water.

Factory Sealed to 100 meters, the light charges through the body of the torch with a magnetic connection and USB compatibility. Versatile and light weight it’s the perfect torch for your adventures!

Find out more about the Action 1-16 here.

Tel: 01798 839300 / Email: / Web:

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Paralenz+ Camera from Cameras Underwater

RRP:£659 (inc.VAT)
Tel: 01404 812277

The Paralenz+ camera has been designed to be really simple to use whilst producing good results underwater.

It has a pressure sensor that is used to automatically control the white balance so it produces colourful results that look much the same as you see whatever depth you are at, no filters needed.

It can also display depth and temperature as an overlay in your videos, this can be added after the video has been shot using a smartphone/tablet app.

It simply is one of the best underwater cameras.

Find out more about the Paralenz+ Camera from Cameras Underwater here.

Tel: 01404 812277 / Email: / Web:

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Fantasea UWL 400F Wide Angle Lens from Cameras Underwater

RRP:435 (inc.VAT)
Tel: 01404 812277

We think this is one of the best ‘wet’ wide angle lens options around right now as so many compact cameras are fitted with a 24mm lens which vignette (a black ring around the shot) when using other wide angle lenses (WAL) that are mostly designed for cameras with a 28mm lens.

This lens might still vignette when attached to certain camera/housing combinations, though to a lesser extent than with the other lens options available.

When using the Olympus TG-5 inside the PT-058 housing, the UWL-400F does not vignette.

Find out more about the Fantasea UWL  400F Wide Angle Lens from Cameras Underwater here.

Tel: 01404 812277 / Email: / Web:

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Inon S-2000 Strobe Head from Cameras Underwater

RRP:£379.99 (inc.VAT)
Tel: 01404 812277

The World’s Smallest, Best Strobe 

Guide number 20, beam angle 105º ×95º without a diffuser, circular 110º light distribution with a diffuser, digital camera compatible highly accurate S-TTL Auto and 12 step Manual mode, rich and fundamental performance is filled in ultra-compact body to exert distinguished mobility.

Find out more about the Inon S-2000 Strobe Head from Cameras Underwater here.

Tel: 01404 812277 / Email: / Web:

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RRP: $49.99
Tel: +1 770 657 7007

Find out more about Vivid-Pix LAND & SEA SCUBA here.

Tel: +1 770 657 7007 / Email: / Web:

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AP Diving Self-Sealing Marker Buoy with Easifil Adaptor

Tel: 01326 561040

Simple to inflate using any make of medium pressure inflator hose via the Easifil adaptor.

For diver safety, the Easifil inflator stem has no locking-groove so that the hose is not attached to the SMB at any point during inflation. The hose will be connected only as long as the diver holds it in place.

A unique self-sealing baffle ensures the SMB remains inflated, even out-of-water, so that it can be held up and waved by the diver to attract attention.

Available in a range of high-viz colour combinations, direct from the manufacturer AP Diving.

Find out more about AP Diving’s Self-Sealing Marker Buoy with Easifil Adaptor here.

Tel: 01326 561040 / Email: / Web:

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Would you like to put your fins on as easily as you clip on your skis?

The days of struggling to don your fins when you are fully geared up and risking your balance on a swaying boat are over.

FINCLIP is an accessory that can be easily fitted to all standard open heeled fins which allows you to don your fins hands free without even having to bend over.

Find out more about Finclip here.

Tel: +39 02 92888340 / Email: / Web:

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Manta Ray Duo Pendant from Reef Jewelry

Tel: 01234 340006 

Capture the spirit of the ocean this Christmas with the handmade Manta Ray Duo Pendant from Reef Jewelry.

An inspired design of mantas in formation, three silver mantas and a single contrasting 18ct gold manta, set on a hammered silver pendant and a thick silver snake chain necklace.

Reef Jewelry’s unique life forms are individually designed artistic sculptures created in precious metals and natural stone.

Visit for more exquisite jewellery, inspired by our impermeable bond with the ocean, our incredible encounters with its creatures and our closest relationships both below and above the water.

Find out more about the Manta Ray Duo Pendant from Reef Jewelry here.

Tel: 01234 340006 / Email: / Web:

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Anchor Dive Lights Series 1K Spot with FREE Goodman Glove

Special Xmas Price:£130
RRP:£165 (Without Free Goodman Glove)

A dive light that’s perfect for diving both during the day and at night.

The tightly focused beam makes it a great primary dive light for recreational divers, and as a reliable backup torch for experienced divers.

The reliable and easy to use push button switch controls both the power output and emergency signalling modes.

The incorporated multi color battery status indicator lets the diver know when the torch is full, running low or somewhere in the middle.

The modular head can be upgraded to an umbilical system, boosting burn time by up to 400%.

The custom goodman glove enables the diver to be able to use the torch even when both hands are busy, e.g. when using a reel for direction.

Available immediately from your local stockist or online.

Find out more about the Anchor Dive Lights Series 1K Spot with FREE Goodman Glove here.

Tel: 00 353 872 876372    / Email: / Web:

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blue o two Gift Vouchers

RRP:£20 – £250
Tel: 01752 480808   

Looking for the ideal present? We have the answer…blue o two Gift Vouchers!

Give the gift of travel. A present that is sure to create unforgettable memories in world-class diving destinations. Your gift voucher has the power to transport someone to far-flung destinations, such as The Galapagos Islands, Truk Lagoon and The Maldives.

Gift vouchers are available to purchase in £20, £50, £100 and £250 denominations or alternatively, you can specify a custom amount.

Gift vouchers can be redeemed against any direct blue o two booking. Simply call our travel team on +44 (0)1752 480808 or email to order your gift vouchers today.

Find out more about blue o two Gift Vouchers here.

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Beaver Sports Mammoth Roller Backpack Bag

Tel: 01484 512354  

Huge capacity, superb quality and high specification Rucksack, Trolley-Wheelie Bag. Large main compartment with nylon webbing load retention straps with easy action side release buckle fastening.

Two full length side compartments allow separation of equipment and other items and two front zipped compartments allow quick and simple access to your most important possessions when travelling.

Easily accessible retractable trolley handle provides ease of transport combined with super strong large sized wheels. In addition two fully adjustable padded shoulder straps ensure great comfort for carrying in a ‘traditional rucksack’ style when desired, these can be easily stored away when not required.

A comfort grip moulded rubber handle with heavy duty nylon webbing located at the centre top and Velcro closing 50mm webbing side handle provide plenty of options for ease of carrying in varying situations.

All zippers are nylon track with nylon runners, ensuring that corrosion will not affect operation even when used in the most extreme environments.

Super light and strong Polyester fabric is used, ensuring strength and durability. With the lightweight handle retracted, measures 80cm tall, 47cm wide and 40 cm in depth, giving an incredible total of around 129 Litres of space and weighs just 5Kg.

A superb and easily transported specially designed and fit for purpose diving bag.

Find out more about the Mammoth Roller Backpack Bag from Beaver Sports here.

Tel: 01484 512354 / Email: / Web:

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Tourism Fiji celebrates Open for Happiness Campaign (Watch Trailer)



As international borders reopen to the world this week, Tourism Fiji launched the first video piece in it’s Open for Happiness campaign. The team celebrated this at an event at Wyndham Resort Denarau Island, where they unveiled some of the content to crew who worked on the production as well as tourism stakeholders.

Tourism Fiji is delighted to partner with award-winning actress, comedian and producer, Rebel Wilson, the new Ambassador of our global reopening campaign.

Ms. Wilson has fond memories of visiting Fiji as a child and returned to share her love of a destination that offers so much to visitors and is largely vaccinated.

She was joined by a talented pool of Fijian cast and crew to shoot Tourism Fiji’s Open for Happiness campaign in the Mamanuca Islands, where she also sampled a range of experiences.

“Rebel is a talented actress and demonstrates a unique ability to bring her own style of heartfelt humour to the ad that Tourism Fiji is creating,” said Brent Hill, CEO of Tourism Fiji.

“We’re delighted to have her as an ambassador who resonates with Fiji and our key tourist markets; Australia, North America, New Zealand and Europe.”

Rebel hiked, did yoga, stand up paddleboarding, scenic helicopter tour, spa treatment, cocktails and visited a popular sandbar.  She was seen stepping out in some local designer wear from Samson Lee and Zuber and enjoyed the hospitality of Vomo Island Fiji.

Her destination highlights of Fiji were shared with her fanbase, including 10.3 million followers on social media platform Instagram, and helped amplify Fiji’s allure as a holiday destination that has now safely reopened to international travellers on December 1st.

Filmed in Fiji over the course of last month, the campaign is the result of the collaborative work of several local partners including activity providers, talented singers, entertainers, videographers, local actors, and extras on set.

“This campaign would not have been possible without the support of our industry stakeholders, and we’re pleased to showcase a global star such as Rebel and the talent of local cast and crew,” said Brent Hill, CEO of Tourism Fiji.

Rebel also enjoyed a sunset cruise featuring a live performance by talented local artist, Apakuki “Kuki” Nalawa and shared snippets across her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels.

“With all that’s happened over the last two years, tourism has been badly affected and the entertainment industry has been hit hard by this as well, – the live performance was an eye-opener, a breath of fresh air and gave us all hope that things will get better,” Mr Nalawa said.

“It’s so encouraging to witness a Hollywood actress and her media team enjoying not only the beauty that our country has to offer but also recognising the level of talent we have.”

Tourism Fiji’s Open for Happiness campaign with Rebel will be used into 2022. Further video clips will launch over the coming weeks.

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Announcing the Winners of the DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition 2021



DivePhotoGuide (DPG) and Wetpixel are proud to announce the winning images and videos in the 2021 edition of the DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition. Once again, hundreds of photographers and filmmakers from dozens of countries competed in what has become known as the “World Championship” of international underwater imaging events.

Created by DPG and Wetpixel, two of the largest online resources for underwater shooters, the competition invited submissions to five image categories and a video category, with entries evaluated by a panel of illustrious industry experts and award-winning photographers: Florian Fischer, Imran Ahmad, Jennifer Hayes, Mike Bartick and Stephen Frink.

This year, Martin Broen received the “Best of Show” prize for his 1st place in the Black and White category. The image, a jaw-dropping capture of the pristine stalactites and stalagmites in a Mexican cenote, earned Martin the top cash prize of $1,000. The 1st place winners in the other categories were Julian Hsu (Macro Traditional), Sander van der Heijden (Macro Unrestricted), Enrico Somogyi (Wide Angle Traditional), Tom Shlesinger (Wide Angle Unrestricted) and Alex del Olmo (Video); each of them received a cash prize of $250.

In a joint statement, DPG Editor-in-Chief Joseph Tepper and Wetpixel Publisher Adam Hanlon said: “Once again, the DPG/Wetpixel Masters competition has demonstrated the incredible talent that exists in our community of underwater shooters. As many of us continue to face lockdowns and travel restrictions, these photos and films remind us of the riches under the sea and why we must maintain our collective passion to protect the oceans we love.”

The organizers are pleased to announce that 15 percent of entry proceeds will once again be donated to marine conservation efforts.

You can see the full results here.

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Egypt | Safaga, Brothers & Elphinstone | 27 January – 04 February 2022 | Emperor Elite

Jump on board this famous Red Sea liveaboard and enjoy diving the famous wrecks of the Red Sea with this fantastic special offer.  Emperor Elite offers a contemporary living space combined with the best itineraries available in the Red Sea.

Price NOW from just £975 per person based on sharing a twin cabin including:

  • Flights from London Gatwick to Hurghada with 23kgs baggage
  • 7 nights in shared cabin
  • 3 meals a day, soft drinks, red wine with dinner
  • 6 days’ diving, guide, 12ltr tank & weights, Marine Park fees and port departure fees
  • Free Nitrox

Booking deadline: Subject to availability.

Call Diverse Travel on 01473 852002 or email

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