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Scubapro introduces new MK21 1st Stage



Scubapro MK21Over the years, Scubapro have continuously developed their piston 1st stages. This week they announced their new MK21, a compact, balanced 1st stage with a high rate of air flow which they say guarantees smooth and undisturbed breathing, even when diving deep and with low cylinder pressure.

Here are more details on the product taken from the official press release:

The external fins optimise the heat exchange providing the MK21 with an excellent cold water resistance. The MK21 is 16mm smaller as the MK25, but the performance is by no means reduced. Through the intelligent hose layout this impressive 1st stage allows easy identification and perfect positioning.

Thanks to the optional head the MK21 is the ideal 1st stage for technical diving. The regular head can be replaced with a 5 LP-port head for the optimal technical diving hose configuration.

The Concept

  • Compact size (only 76mm)
  • Brand new medium piston 1st stage
  • Replaceable head for unique hose configuration
  • AF System for best cold water performance
  • LP and HP hoses smart layout
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect symbiosis between performance and sensitivity
  • 2 HP Ports / 4 LP Ports (optional head with additional high flow LP TOP port)

The Design

  • Unique design
  • Streamline shape
  • Polished chrome finishing
  • New cap matching the style
  • Very compact forged body (only 46mm diameter)
  • External fins for optimal thermal exchange and anti-freezing resistance
  • Re-designed yoke and cap

Functional Highlights

  • Optional replaceable head for optimal positioning with 4 LP routing configurations (0°/30°) – ideal for technical diving
  • Standard head with 4 LP hose routing (+/- 20°)

MK21 in Combination with G260

The G260 is a balanced, adjustable 2nd stage featuring metal components for excellent cold water resistance (inlet tube, orifice, inhalation control knob, and hose connector). Its high performance makes it a choice for all demanding divers and it will be the natural choice for G250 fans. The left-right hose attachment option makes it ideally suited for tech diving configurations.

Scubapro G260


  • Metal barrel
  • Left-right hose attachment, ideal for technical configurations
  • Metal front ring with coarse thread that can be easily screwed on or off
  • Larger mouthpiece for a natural breathing comfort
  • Streamlined lever
  • Large diaphragm for an incredibly low breathing resistance

The new MK21/G260 is now available from all authorised Scubapro dealers.


MK21/G260: £429

MK21/G260/R195 Octopus: £545

Gear News

DiveAlertPLUS: a Dual Function Surface / Subsurface Signalling Device




DiveAlertPLUS is a specially designed, small, lightweight pneumatic signalling device that uses quick-connect/disconnect hose couplings to become an integrated part of your power inflator.

It uses a small amount of air from your SCUBA tank to make a piercingly loud sound in air or water. It can be heard a mile away from where the diver in need is above water.


How it works

The DiveAlertPLUS uses chrome-plated brass couplings to attach to your power inflator. Squeezing the device engages the actuator valve stem causing a small amount of air to flutter a stainless steel diaphragm emitting a piercingly loud sound. The subsurface/underwater signal is produced by a percussion “buzzing” noise made by a piston hitting a stainless steel diaphragm much like a drum.


To Learn more about the DV1 an DV3 DiveAlert click on this link to their website:


Sea & Sea is the home of DiveAlert and other leading diving brands in the UK. 

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Diving redefined at TDEX Bangkok 2024: NovoScuba and Siam Diving Enterprises join forces to bring diving education to the next level




NovoScuba, a ground-breaking diving agency based in the UK, is preparing for the global debut of its innovative subscription-based training platform that is set to redefine the way diving education is provided. The much-anticipated launch will take place at TDEX Bangkok 2024, marking a significant milestone in NovoScuba’s journey to reshape industry standards.

As part of an important initiative, NovoScuba is pleased to announce a partnership with Siam
Diving Enterprises (SDE) and their renowned Ocean Store. SDE, as one of Thailand’s leading
suppliers of diving, freediving and snorkelling equipment, brings a wealth of expertise and
resources to this collaboration, furthering NovoScuba’s mission to elevate the diving experience for enthusiasts worldwide.


NovoScuba aims to revolutionise the way dive shop owners, dive professionals and dive
enthusiasts engage with diving, making it more accessible and profitable for the entire diving

tdex“NovoScuba is not just another certification agency; it’s a transformative force built on
innovation and accessibility,” said Mark Spiers, founder and CEO of NovoScuba. “Our
partnership with Siam Diving Enterprises reflects our commitment to redefining diving education and empowering the diving industry at all levels.”

Siam Diving Enterprises, known for its extensive range of premium diving equipment from leading brands, will host NovoScuba at stand A74 during TDEX. This strategic collaboration offers divers a unique opportunity to experience first-hand NovoScuba’s groundbreaking approach to diving education.

NovoScuba’s platform offers state-of-the-art training programmes, including recreational and professional diving courses, designed to meet international standards and ISO certifications.
With a subscription-based model, digital learning materials available in 13 languages and
multi-platform accessibility, NovoScuba ensures that diving education is within reach for

“We are inviting all dive enthusiasts, professionals and shop owners to join us on this
revolutionary journey,” added Mark Spiers. “Together we can redefine diving as we know it and
make a positive impact on the planet.”


Visit Siam Diving Enterprises and NovoScuba at stand A74 during TDEX Bangkok 2024 to
explore the future of diving education and discover the latest innovations in diving equipment.

About NovoScuba: NovoScuba is a pioneering dive training agency committed to making
diving inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone. With a focus on innovation and
positive impact, NovoScuba offers state-of-the-art training programs, digital learning
materials, and a subscription-based platform designed to redefine the diving industry
worldwide. To learn more about NovoScuba’s innovations, go to

About Siam Diving Enterprises (SDE): Siam Diving Enterprises (SDE) is one of the
largest suppliers of scuba diving, freediving, and snorkelling equipment in Thailand. With
warehouses in Bangkok and a team of industry experts, SDE offers a comprehensive range
of premium products and exceptional customer service to diving enthusiasts across the
country. To learn more about SDE go to Ocean Store Thailand website.

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