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Scubapro introduces new MK21 1st Stage



Scubapro MK21Over the years, Scubapro have continuously developed their piston 1st stages. This week they announced their new MK21, a compact, balanced 1st stage with a high rate of air flow which they say guarantees smooth and undisturbed breathing, even when diving deep and with low cylinder pressure.

Here are more details on the product taken from the official press release:

The external fins optimise the heat exchange providing the MK21 with an excellent cold water resistance. The MK21 is 16mm smaller as the MK25, but the performance is by no means reduced. Through the intelligent hose layout this impressive 1st stage allows easy identification and perfect positioning.

Thanks to the optional head the MK21 is the ideal 1st stage for technical diving. The regular head can be replaced with a 5 LP-port head for the optimal technical diving hose configuration.

The Concept

  • Compact size (only 76mm)
  • Brand new medium piston 1st stage
  • Replaceable head for unique hose configuration
  • AF System for best cold water performance
  • LP and HP hoses smart layout
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect symbiosis between performance and sensitivity
  • 2 HP Ports / 4 LP Ports (optional head with additional high flow LP TOP port)

The Design

  • Unique design
  • Streamline shape
  • Polished chrome finishing
  • New cap matching the style
  • Very compact forged body (only 46mm diameter)
  • External fins for optimal thermal exchange and anti-freezing resistance
  • Re-designed yoke and cap

Functional Highlights

  • Optional replaceable head for optimal positioning with 4 LP routing configurations (0°/30°) – ideal for technical diving
  • Standard head with 4 LP hose routing (+/- 20°)

MK21 in Combination with G260

The G260 is a balanced, adjustable 2nd stage featuring metal components for excellent cold water resistance (inlet tube, orifice, inhalation control knob, and hose connector). Its high performance makes it a choice for all demanding divers and it will be the natural choice for G250 fans. The left-right hose attachment option makes it ideally suited for tech diving configurations.

Scubapro G260


  • Metal barrel
  • Left-right hose attachment, ideal for technical configurations
  • Metal front ring with coarse thread that can be easily screwed on or off
  • Larger mouthpiece for a natural breathing comfort
  • Streamlined lever
  • Large diaphragm for an incredibly low breathing resistance

The new MK21/G260 is now available from all authorised Scubapro dealers.


MK21/G260: £429

MK21/G260/R195 Octopus: £545

Gear News

New from Fourth Element: the RF2 free diving wetsuit



The team at fourth element have introduced their latest freediving wetsuit, the RF2. Streamlined and high-performance, this two piece 6/5/4/mm suit has been developed for freedivers who want to enjoy maximum freedom and ultimate warmth.

Lined outer panels around the core, arms and legs provide durability, a Glideskin across the shoulders and the hood maximises hydrodynamics. This hybrid freediving wetsuit offers cool and cold water freedivers the freedom to explore their limits in comfort.

Director of fourth element, Paul Strike said, “We’ve designed this suit with the consultation of professional freedivers, instructors and with the knowledge of freedive suit specialists. The RF2 brings together fourth element’s knowledge of thermal protection with freediving expertise at the top of the sport to create a high performance recreational suit.”

The suit is both comfortable and practical, being more durable than traditional smoothskin suits whilst retaining excellent stretch and form fitting design. The inner of the suit has a smooth cell Metalite coating; this provides extra warmth retention and is more robust than traditional open cell.

Daan Verhoeven, Freediving Cameraman said, “The RF2 is possibly the best off-the peg suit I’ve ever tried. As soon as I got in the water, I instantly forgot the suit. I was just comfortable and could move without anything pinching or water coming in.”


  • Streamline cut optimising glide
  • 5mm comfort, flexibility and warmth
  • Open cell interior, lined exterior
  • Smoothskin outer hood and shoulders for extra hydrodynamics
  • Beavertail closure
  • Supratex seat panel for extra durability

RF2 Hooded Jacket and Leggings are available in sizes S – XL.

RF2 Hooded Jacket 6/5/4mm RRP: £229.95 GBP / €275.00 EUR

RF2 Leggings 5/4mm RRP: £149.95 / €179.00 EUR

Find out more at

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Gear News

Fourth Element announce Tech Fins inspired by whale tail



A classic vented dive fin, engineered by nature and redesigned to maximise performance.

Fourth Element’s new Tech Fins have taken inspiration from nature and evolution to optimise efficiency. The turbulence disruptors on the top of the blade work in the same way as the nodules of the leading edge of a humpback whale fin, which disrupt the water as they move through it. The resulting turbulence enables the whale to swim with more efficiency. Fourth Element has adopted this evolutionary concept to improve the performance of this classic fin.

Utilising natural rubber in a unique density gradient, the dive fin delivers an ultra- comfortable foot pocket combined with optimised stiffness for finning performance.

The vented design allows water to flow along the blade reducing drag and fatigue, whilst the stiffening rails and ribs ensure that the blade of the fin is driven through the water to maximise the return on effort.

The Tech Fins, with a slightly negative buoyancy characteristic, were developed with technical divers in mind but are suitable for all levels of diver looking for a high-performance rubber fin. The wider blade gives manoeuvrability without compromising the power, while the shorter length improves agility and makes stowing the fins for transport more convenient. Spring straps with comfortable heel pads keep the feet securely held in place. These straps can be removed and changed easily with everyday tools if required.

The Tech Fins are supplied with a hanging/carrying strap and a marine quality bolt snap which may be used to attach them to a bcd or harness for carrying, leaving both hands free for climbing ladders or carrying other gear.

The natural rubber material of this fin is extremely durable, and all components are recyclable at end of life.

The Tech Fins are available in M, L, XL and XXL. These fins will fit sizes 4 (US5) to 14 (US15) and come in Black, Grey or Aqua.


  • Natural rubber heel strap
  • Stainless steel spring strap
  • Soft foot pocket
  • Hydro-flow vents
  • Turbulence disruptors
  • Strengthening ribs
  • Stiffening lateral rails

Find out more here.

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